"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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May Jeopardy  

Posted by howard in nyc

Friday May 27
Category: U.S. CITIES
Clue: Alphabetically first among the 150 most populous U.S. cities, it has become the "Polymer Capital of the World"

Answer:  Where is Akron, Ohio?  zippity do dah

Monday May 30--
Clue:This term for the lowest level of the ocean that the sun's rays can reach shares its name with a classic 1960s TV show

 Answer: What is The Twilight Zone?

Tuesday May 31--
Clue: In 170 A.D. Melito of Sardis compiled a list of religious works to be included in this, a 2-word term he coined

Answer:  What is the Old Testament? 

Monday May 23--
Category: MEDICINE
Clue: In 1964 a dean at Tufts' Medical School wrote a modern version of this, used at many medical school graduations

 Answer: and that is why i never swore it.  some asshole in the mid-20th century.  What is the 'Hippocratic Oath'?

Tuesday May 24--
Category: THE 16TH CENTURY
Clue:  Held in 1579, the first Christian service in California was performed by the chaplain traveling with this English captain

Answer:  Who was Sir Francis Drake? 

Wednesday May 25--
Clue:  She's tied with Mariah Carey for most No. 1 hits by a female with 18: 12 as a member of a group & 6 as a solo act

Answer:  Who is Miss Diana Ross?

Thursday May 26--
Category: 19th CENTURY MUSIC
Clue:  Lyrics to an 1868 tune by this man began, "Guten abend, gut nacht, Mit rosen bedach"

Answer:  Who was Johannes Brahms?

Friday May 27
Category: U.S. CITIES
Clue: Alphabetically first among the 150 most populous u.s. cities, it has become the "Polymer Capital of the World"

Answer:  Where is Akron, Ohio?  zippity do dah

Monday May 16--
Category:  COLLEGE
Clue: From the Latin for "free", this 2-word term for a type of college refers to the old belief of what a free man should be taught

 Answer:  What is 'Liberal Arts'?

Tuesday May 17--
Clue;  The first words he ever spoke to his assistant were "how are you?…you have been in Afghanistan I perceive"

Answer:  Who is Sherlock Holmes?  

Wednesday May 18--
Clue: The longest period in American history with no changes to the constitution was from 1804 to this year

Answer:  What is 1865?

Thursday May 19--
Clue:  Playing in theaters since 1975,  this film has had the longest continuous theatrical run in movie history

Answer:  it's just a jump to the left.  What is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"?

Friday May 20
Category: CANALS
 Clue: When Sweden's Göta Canal was completed in the 1820s, these 2 seas became directly linked

Answer:  Where are the North and the Baltic Seas?

Monday May 9--
Category:  THE TITANIC
Clue: When the RMS Titanic sank in 1912, its cargo included more than 7 million pieces of this, in some 3,400 sacks
 Answer:  What is mail?

Tuesday May 10--
Clue:  In 2009 Alabama replaced a statue in the collection with one of her at age 7, the first child honored

Answer:  Who was Helen Keller?  

Wednesday May 11--
Clue:  "A Girl from a Different World" and "Train to the Urals" are chapters in this 1957 work

Answer:  What was Dr. Zhivago?

Thursday May 12--
Clue:  They're the only father and son to receive the AFI's Achievement award--dad in 1991, son in 2009

Answer:  Who are the Douglas pair, Kirk and Michael?

Friday May 13--
Category:  MONARCHS
 Clue:  In March 2011 he gave his first televised speech in 22 years on the throne, saying he hoped things would get better

Answer:  Who is Emperor Akihito of Japan?

Monday May 2--
Category: CANADA
Clue:  It's the only Canadian province that is separated from the North American mainland

Answer:  Where is Prince Edward Island?

Tuesday May 3--
Clue:  Just 10 sentences, this speech is wrong on one point; it is long remembered

Answer:  What is the Gettysburg Address? 

Wednesday May 4--
Clue:  "Bearing the bandages, water & sponge, straight & swift to my wounded I go", he wrote in "The Wound-Dresser"

Answer:  Who was Walt Whitman?

Thursday May 5--
Clue:  Shortly after he was awarded the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize, his country ceased to exist

Answer:  Who is Mikhail Sergeyevitch Gorbachev?

Turn It Into Hate  

Posted by howard in nyc

The Chairman, Graham Parker, wrote a songs years ago that i thought of tonight.

Since OBL attacked the US on 9/11 (his third successful attack on Americans), ten years have passed.  20,000 Americans under arms have been killed or wounded.  Despite the fact that Iraq dictator Saadam Hussein hated bin Laden more than Americans, and despite the fact that Iraq had absolutely zero to do with OBL and Al Qaaida, about 500,000 Iraqi's have died.  Several thousand civilians in other countries also dead.  Roughly $1 trillion dollars have been spent.  Wars have begun and continue in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan and Libya.  Significant civil freedoms and privacy rights have been lost at home.  And we are not finished paying the cost for getting the murderer bin Laden.

The triumphalism of this evening and what is sure to flow the next few days leaves me fucking cold.  OBL is dead.  But, adding up the cost, we lost this fucking battle.  We has met the enemy, and he is us.

The jug heads hit the city from every country round the globe
The ships pulled in the drinks were free the ticker tape came out in rolls
I was sitting in a bar watching this on TV
To me it looked like a failure but they called it victory
Well if you can sleep at night go ahead that's great
You're just dreaming anyway if you don't get irate
Come on turn it into hate 
Turn it into hate