"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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print, and lie  

Posted by howard in nyc


that is the succinct version of the current model for economic recovery and growth.  print money.  lie about, well everything.  why they are printing money, where the money is headed, how the newly printed money is going to drastically increase the price of gasoline and food (just like the last two times they printed money on this scale), how that increase in prices isn't really 'inflation', and most of all, what the effect on job growth will actually be (zero).

i haven't had much to say lately.  the steady pace of disgusting events is so disheartening, and the direction of march to a horrific reckoning so unwavering, as well as obvious, i feel there is little to say. 

the prior rounds of money printing by the federal reserve could, i suppose, be credibly expected by some folks to yield some positive effects on the economy.  (beyond simply delaying and worsening the inevitable consequences of the failed system resting of trillions of dollars of debt that cannot/will not ever be repaid.)  but the results of those prior actions are in.  they failed.  they failed to achieve the announced goals, although they succeeded in the actual goals of enriching the failed banks and maintaining the status quo for a couple more years.

if QE1 or QE2 had succeeded, there would be no need for QE3.  if the economy was not completely screwed today, there would be no reason to print $40 billion per month (or more), until the economy is fixed.

it is really that simple.  the action of the fed this week is a simple admission of failure.  and an admission of ben and barry and the gang that they have no fucking idea what to do next.  so they will just do what failed previously.

at least, the banks and wall street will get first crack at that $40 billion a month.  and they will maintain their salaries and bonuses.  and they will have a small tax skimmed off the top--to 'contribute' to mitt and barry's election campaigns.

the lies are essential, to mask the simple truth from us.  to convince us that inflation is actually ~2%, despite the truth of gas and food prices.  to convince us that the unemployment rate is actually ~8%,  despite the truth of more people and a higher percentage of people on food stamps than ever before.  or the truth of a lower percentage of working age people actually employed since the great depression.

or the biggest lie.  that a presidential election contested between mitt and barry makes a bit of difference in the direction of the country, the economy, the death of the rule of law for corporations and wealthy individuals, the erosion of justice and personal privacy for the rest of us and the growth and spread of foreign wars, foreign murder and other military actions.

the electoral process is corrupted.  completely corrupted by money.  not only does voting for president not matter (even in the state of florida, which has the privilege of actually electing the president), but voting for senators or representatives has been rendered equally meaningless.  unless you are a literal millionaire, and contribute enough money to be heard.

to think redemption of this corrupt electoral process can be found through voting is wrong.  as illogical as the idea that the economic flaw of too much debt can be fixed by more debt.  more voting, for the 'right people' is not going to work.  sorry, but that is the current reality.

even the fantasy that a couple of slightly less bad supreme court appointees can begin to rectify the horrendous state of our republic cannot be reasonably indulged.  first, supreme court justices can not be counted upon to do what is expected--solid conservative chief justice john roberts, appointed by dubya, twists his legal logic into a pretzel and votes for the health care reform bill.  earl warren is the next best example.  remember that when an obama appointee from the next four years votes in favor of continued corporate personhood or continued government surveillance, torture or war down the road.

second, even 1) if obama is reelected; 2) if he gets one or two sotus picks in his second term; 3) if a major ruling like Citizens United is revisited; 4) if it is overturned; 5) if the result works its way through lower courts and the complex corporate/justice web of deceit money and lackey lower court judges, and the pernicious effects of corporate personhood actually begin to be reversed in real life.

that process will take many years.  maybe a couple of decades.  and, bubba, we ain't got that much time left.

the economy will not survive many more years, much less decades.  the economy was completely screwed in 2007-08.  they have fixed nothing.  they admitted this week that the economy is so broken, they have to take this extraordinary measure, again, for the third time, to fix it.  even though the repair failed twice before.

so that is another 'if' to add to the five 'ifs' above.  that particular fantasy, of slightly less bad supreme court members is the only reason to vote that is not a blatant lie.  any serious, honest assessment of democratic and republican actions of the past thirty years clearly shows bilateral, bipartisan actions to unleash banks and corporations from the shackles of taxes and regulation to the ruin of the middle and working classes; to expand war and militarism abroad for the sake of oil (and just for the power of it); to outsource jobs and manufacturing to mexico, then to southeast asia, then to china, in the name of 'free trade'; to continuing building the central security state of spying, surveillance, militarized local police and criminalization of protest and dissent.  obama's actual behavior of the past three and 2/3rd years has been in lockstep with each and every one of these evils.  as the old rabbi said at the climax of the excellent coen brothers film A Serious Man, "When the truth is found…to be lies".  (yeah, all the love within me has died…well almost all.)

but, so many people seem to prefer the comfort of some of those lies, finding the truth to be but cold comfort.

giants trivia in an 11-0 blowout  

Posted by howard in nyc

bryce harper is the sixth teenager to hit 10 or more home runs in a single season; which did this in a giants uniform?

(it wasn't mays, who was 20 when he broke in and he hit 20 in 1951; it wasn't mccovey, who was 21years old his first partial season, in 52 games he only managed 13 home runs and ROY)

answer below
mel ott hit 18
tony conigliaro 24
ken griffey jr 16
mickey mantle 13
ed kranepool 10

Giants Tix, July 2012  

Posted by howard in nyc


here are some july dates for my tickets.  Premium Lower Box 110, row 29.  sorry, not too many remain; insider trading is rampant on my site.  There will be more for August, but I am going to use some; i am waiting to finalize my travel dates before i list the other dates.

tickets can be transferred electronically, instantly and securely, for $4, via the giants' web site. you can pay me with paypal, (even though i hate those fuckers i don't have an alternative set up) or if we have done business before, just send me a check.

the giants use differential pricing, so i will list the literal face value for each date. face value varies between $34 and $78. price is always negotiable, up as well as down.

shoot me an email anytime, or comment here on the blog, i'll see it and get back to you.

Fri     13-Jul     Astros     7:15 $52          -----SOLD
Sat     14-Jul    Astros     6:05  $52          -----SOLD
Sun    15-Jul    Astros     1:05  $52

Mon    23-Jul    Padres     7:15  $34          -----SOLD
Tue     24-Jul    Padres     7:15   $34
Wed    25-Jul    Padres    12:45  $52          -----SOLD

Fri     27-Jul    Dodgers    7:15  $68         -----SOLD
Sat     28-Jul    Dodgers    6:05  $68          -----SOLD
Sun    29-Jul    Dodgers    1:05  $68          -----SOLD

Mon    30-Jul    Mets    7:15  $52          -----SOLD
Tue     31-Jul    Mets    7:15  $52          -----SOLD
Wed    1-Aug    Mets    7:15  $52          -----SOLD
Thu     2-Aug    Mets    12:45  $52          -----SOLD

July 2012 Final Jeopardy! Challenge  

Posted by howard in nyc


Monday 7/23
Clue:   The key message to this title figure in an Italian work is "it is far safer to be feared than loved"

Answer:  What is The Prince? by Nicolo Machiavelli.  no, Tupac is a wrong answer.

Tuesday 7/24
Clue:   Creator Gary David Goldberg wrote this Republican character as unsympathetic, but the actor made him lovable

Answer:  Who is Alex P. Keaton ? 

Wednesday 7/25
Clue:  This sport introduced in summer 2000 plays out over a raised area 16.5 feet long and 9.5 feet wide

Answer:  What is trampoline ? 

Thursday 7/26
Category:  OPERA
Clue:   The swan boats in Boston's Public Garden were inspired by this opera in which a swan pulls a boat on the Scheldt river

Answer:  What is Lohengrin

Friday 7/27
Category:   ANTARCTICA
Clue:  This country that explored the antarctic interior is the most northerly nation to claim territory on the continent

Answer:  Where is Norway ?

Monday 7/16
Clue:  David Phillips, whose exposĂ© reporting inspired this word made popular by Teddy Roosevelt, was later shot dead

Answer:  What is muckraking ? 

Tuesday 7/17
Category:   FIRST NAMES
Clue:  A wife of King David & 2 of our early first ladies shared this name derived from Hebrew for "my father's joy"

Answer:  What is Abigail ? 

Wednesday 7/18
Clue:  This 17th Century King was the last British monarch to enter the House of Commons

Answer:  Who was Charles I ? 

Thursday 7/19
Clue:    The most famous resident of the National Museum of Ethiopia is the very old young lady named this

Answer:  Who is Lucy ? 

this did not come up on the show, but i think Australopithicus deserves credit as a correct answer.  (it was not my answer, but in case someone else answers this way.)  but i don't know shit about anthropology.   

oh.  rules.

Friday 7/20
Category:   RECENT FILMS
Clue:  One of its first lines is "I won't talk! I won't say a word"

Answer:  What is The Artist ?

Monday 7/9
Clue:  1910 winner Albrecht Kossel studied a new material in the control center of cells; today we know it as this

Answer:  What is deoxyribonucleic acid, aka DNA ? 

Tuesday 7/10
Clue:  In 1989 he said, "you can't just ask customers what they want… by the time you get it built, they'll want something new

Answer:  Who was Steve Jobs ?

Wednesday 7/11
Clue:  He said, "(i)t is 72 years since the first inauguration of a president under our national constitution"

Answer:  Who was Abraham Lincoln ?

Thursday 7/12
Clue:  Of the six official languages used at the U.N., this one is the last alphabetically

Answer:  What is Spanish ? 

Friday 7/13
Clue:  This appointed position first held by John Dryden echoes a "Versificator Regis" of Richard I in the 12th Century

Answer:  What is Poet Laureate ?

Monday 7/2
Clue:  In 2011 his daughter Svetlana, living in the U.S. under the name Lana Peters, died in Wisconsin at age 85

Answer:  Who was Josef Vesarionus Shugashvilli, aka Josef Stalin ? 

Tuesday 7/3
Category: 1950s MOVIES
Clue: "The Man on Lincoln's Nose" was a working title for this 1959 film

Answer:  What is North by Northwest ? 

Wednesday 7/4
Clue:  On May 18th, 1974 this country tested its first nuclear device, nicknamed "Smiling Buddha"

Answer:  Where is India ? 
china joined the club earlier, in 1964

Thursday 7/5
Category:  FACTS & FIGURES
Clue:  With only 58% of residents, this U.S. state has the lowest percentage of licensed drivers

Answer:  Where is New York ? 

Friday 7/6
Clue:  In a play subtitle she's called "The Chinese Sphinx"; in a later opera, her suitor calls her "Principessa Di Morte"

Answer:  Who is Turandot

Giants Tix, June 2012--bumped to the top  

Posted by howard in nyc


 here are some june dates for my tickets.  Premium Lower Box 110, row 29.

tickets can be transferred electronically, instantly and securely, for $4, via the giants' web site. you can pay me with paypal, (even though i hate those fuckers i don't have an alternative set up) or if we have done business before, just send me a check.

the giants use differential pricing, so i will list the literal face value for each date. face value varies between $34 and $78. price is always negotiable, up as well as down.

shoot me an email anytime, or comment here on the blog, i'll see it and get back to you.

Fri     1-Jun    Cubs        7:15    $49.50     -----SOLD
Sat     2-Jun    Cubs        4:15    $52          -----SOLD
Sun    3-Jun    Cubs        1:05    $52          -----SOLD
Mon   4-Jun    Cubs      12:45    $39          -----SOLD

Fri     8-Jun    Rangers        7:15    $55          -----SOLD
Sat     9-Jun    Rangers        1:05    $65          -----SOLD
Sun    10-Jun  Rangers        1:05    $79          -----SOLD

Tue     12-Jun    Astros        7:15      $34    -----SOLD
Wed    13-Jun    Astros        7:15      $34    -----SOLD
Thu     14-Jun    Astros        12:45    $34    -----SOLD

Mon    25-Jun    Dodgers        7:15    $52   -----SOLD
Tue     26-Jun    Dodgers        7:15    $110   -----SOLD
Wed    27-Jun    Dodgers      12:45    $52    -----SOLD

Thu    28-Jun    Reds        7:15    $42    -----SOLD
Fri      29-Jun    Reds        7:15    $52    -----SOLD
Sat      30-Jun    Reds        1:05    $52    -----SOLD
Sun       1-Jul    Reds        1:05    $88   -----SOLD

June 2012 Final Jeopardy! Challenge  

Posted by howard in nyc


Monday 6/25
Clue:  Though shot in the chest, Teddy Roosevelt gave a 1912 speech saying, "It takes more than that to kill" one of these animals

Answer:  What is a Bull Moose ? 

Tuesday 6/26
Clue:  A 1905 treaty named for this U.S. city ended a foreign war 7000 miles away & was actually signed at Kittery, Maine

Answer:  What is the Treaty of Portsmouth ?    (ending the Russo-Japanese War--it's Teddy Roosevelt week!)

Wednesday 6/27
Clue:  The 1995, 2003 & 2006 winners for best actor al appeared in this 1982 teen comedy

Answer:  What is Fast Times at Ridgemont High ?

Thursday  6/28
Clue:  The title of this scandalous novel set in 1930s Paris symbolizes "the disease of civilization"

Answer:  What is Tropic of Cancer (by Henry Miller) ?

Friday 6/29
Clue:  Among the many books he wrote were "The World Crisis", "The Second World War" & "Painting As A Pastime"

Answer:  Who was Winston Churchill ? 

Monday 6/18
Clue:  These 2 men first meet after one of them tells a friend, Stamford, of needing new lodgings in London

Answer:  Who are Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson? 

Tuesday 6/19
Category: FABRICS
Clue:  The name of this fabric includes the initials of the city where it was introduced at a World's Fair site

Answer:  What is nylon ?  (New York World's Fair, 1939)

Wednesday 6/20
Category: 2011 MUSICMAKERS
Clue:  According to Billboard, the top 2 music artists of 2011 were these single-named singers, neiher born in the U.S.

Answer:  Who are Adele and Rianna ?

Thursday  6/21
Clue:  Listed in 1983, this complex finished c.1650 features inlaid semiprecious stones & Arabic calligraphy

Answer:  What is the Taj Mahal ?

Friday 6/22
Clue:  The first major use of simultaneous translation, before adoption by the U.N., was in this European city in 1945 & 1946

Answer:  Where is Nuremburg ?

Monday 6/11
Clue:  Acts 1:13 says this event occurred in "an upper room"

Answer:  What is the Last Supper ? 

but alex said they made a mistake.  because they had.  the event was a meeting to decide who would replace judas. they picked mattias.  but i had to look that up. 

Tuesday 6/12
Category:  AUTHORS
Clue:  His multi-novel series is based on Robert Browning's poem "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came"

Answer:  Who is Steven King ?

Wednesday 6/13
Clue:  19th Century reports on horse races used this 2-word term to mean horses that were in the field but didn't finish high

Answer:  What are 'also-rans' ?

Thursday  6/14
Clue:  Tho bestselling album of all time by a female is a 20 million seller by this woman who started singing at the age of 8 in Ontario

Answer:  Who is Shania Twain?

Friday 6/15
Category:  ISLANDS
Clue:  This nation, independent since 1960 is the largest island in the world with french as one of its official languages

Answer:  Where is Madagascar ?

Friday 6/1
Clue:  From the French for "to set in the woods", this word refers to a type of attack

Answer:  What is an 'ambush' ? 

funny coincidence that the final spelling bee word yesterday was 'guetapens', another french word with the same meaning.

Monday 6/4
Category: AFRICA
Clue: Very different places, the first 2 African nations to gain independence from a European power were Egypt & this one.

Answer:  Where is South Africa? 

Tuesday 6/5
Clue:  1 of the first 2 women in Hollywood to own a studio (according to the offical bio of no. 3, Oprah)

Answer:  Who is Mary Pickford/or Lucille Ball ?

Wednesday 6/6
Clue:  Between Jan. 1, 1841 & Dec. 31, 1850 the U.S. had this many presidents, the most in a 10-year period

Answer:  What is six ?  (Martin van Buren; William Harrison, elected in late 1840, inaugurated in 41, died in office a month later; John Tyler, assumed office; James K. Polk, elected 1844, promised to serve only one term and kept promise; Zachary Taylor, elected 1848, died in office in 'July 50; Millard Filmore.)

Thursday  6/7
Category: THE ARTS
Clue:  Formed in 1909, it performed to great acclaim in Paris, London, New York & Monte Carlo, but never in Moscow

Answer:  What is the Ballets Russes?

Friday 6/8
Category: CLICHES
Clue:  In an 1873 Thomas Hardy serial, a chapter ends with a character dangling from an "enormous sea-bord" this

Answer:  What is a cliff ?   you know, 'cliff-hanger'

May 2012 Final Jeopardy! Challenge  

Posted by howard in nyc

only ten clues, since the teen tournament and some dopey celebrity week took up most of the month.

Monday 5/28
Clue:  This Grammy winner who died in 2009 at age 94 was an inductee into both the Rock & Roll & National Inventors Halls of Fame

Answer:  Who was Les Paul ?

Tuesday 5/29
Clue:  A letter in this mystery says, "we are going…to Luxor and Assuan by steamer, and perhaps on to Khartoum

Answer:  What is Death on the Nile

Wednesday 5/30
Clue:  Only three sites have the remains of 2 presidents; 1 at Quincy, Massachusetts, 1 at Arlington,& 1 in this state capital

Answer:  Where is Richmond, Virginia  ?

and the extra credit answer?  Grant, and his wife.

Thursday 5/31
Clue:  Clipper Goodwill, a Boeing 727, took this airline's last passengers from Barbados to Miami December 4, 1991

Answer:  What is Pan American Airlines  ?

Monday 5/21
Category:  DRAMA
Clue: This play that came to Broadway in 2005 is set in the autumn of 1964 at St. Nicholas Church School in the Bronx

Answer:  What is Doubt ?

Tuesday 5/22
Category:  1957
Clue: On Sept. 5, Dwight Eisenhower told this state's Gov. that "the federal Constitution will be upheld by me by every legal means"

Answer:  Where is Arkansas ?  bonus if you can name Govenor Orval Faubus

Wednesday 5/23
Category: ANIMALS
Clue: A 2005 study reported that this animal named for an island has, pound-for-pound, the most powerful bite of any mammal

Answer:  What is the Tasmanian Devil  ?

Thursday 5/24
Clue: "The Man Who Invented the 20th Century"  is a biography of this scientist who was born in the Balkans

Answer:  Who was Nicola Tesla? 

Friday 5/25
Clue: In 1934 the lease for this place was increased to $4085 per year; since 1959 the checks haven't been cashed

Answer:  Where is Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?


why didn't we think of that?  

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obomney announces that he and the g-8 leaders have reached a consensus that they all will do more to promote growth and create jobs.

brilliant!  damn, someone should've come up with this months ago.  growth! that's the ticket.

austerity measures have resulted in collapse of governments in greece, riots in the streets of spain and italy, and ouster of the president of france in favor of an anti-austerity socialist. and the ability to retire the debts of these nations has not occurred.  in other words, austerity measures have fixed nothing.

so, next they'll try growth.  heh.

what can a government possibly do to promote growth and jobs?  specifically a government that is running deep annual budget deficits?

spend more money.

and where will that money come from?

they'll just borrow it.  and/or raise taxes.  or print the money.

these clowns already borrowed unprecedented sums and spent into the economy in the name of stimulating economic growth.  and they got a little bit of growth.  now the growth has ground to a halt in europe, and is likely to do the same in the usa.  the money they borrowed is still owed, plus interest.  the money they printed caused significant inflation of oil and food prices, sufficient to drag economic growth.

they are stuck.  cut spending and decrease deficits = economic stagnation.  borrow/print and spend = inflation sufficient to stagnate economic growth.

the short-term benefits of borrowing and printing have become shorter term and less effective each round.  here, in europe, and in china.

there is no good way out.  economic pain is inevitable.  all they can determine is the particular path to pain--inflation or debt default.

i wonder if they realize this, and are lying, or if they have managed to swallow their own bs and believe that if they just promote growth and job creation, the economy will be fine?

there is no magic 'growth ' button to push.  borrowing/printing more money will make things worse.  they have already demonstrated this reality, with the borrowing/printing of the past three years, and the subsequent inflation, stagnant job results, stagnant gdp growth and return to recession in europe.

excess debt must be paid off or defaulted.  deficit spending must stop when you have so much debt, no one will lend you any more.

growth financed with debt eventually fails.  eventually is here.  debt shrunk by printing money is accompanied by the inflation caused by printing money.

there is no 'solution'. the fruitless attempts at finding a painless solution are now farcical.  there is only the choice of what flavor pain we suffer.  

Giants Tix, May 2012  

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six weeks into the season, and finally i make my first post of the season regarding my extra tickets.  punctual as usual.

same story as prior years.  i will put the tickets up one month at a time, since my travel plans are usually last minute, and i like to use the seats when i am visiting cali. so around the last week of each month i will post available dates for the following month.

tickets can be transferred electronically, instantly and securely, for $4, via the giants' web site. you can pay me with paypal, (even though i hate those fuckers i don't have an alternative set up) or if we have done business before, just send me a check.

the giants use differential pricing, so i will list the literal face value for each date. face value varies between $34 and $78. price is always negotiable, up as well as down.

there are only a couple of dates remaining for may, but i have plenty for june, and will post shortly.

shoot me an email anytime, or comment on the blog.

Fri  18-May     Athletics     7:15    $52-----SOLD
Sat  19-May     Athletics     1:05    $52-----SOLD
Sun 20-May     Athletics     1:05    $52-----SOLD

Mon 28-May     Dbacks         2:05    $68-----SOLD
Tue  29-May     Dbacks         7:15    $34-----SOLD
Wed 30-May     Dbacks         7:15    $34-----SOLD

April 2012 Final Jeopardy! Challenge  

Posted by howard in nyc

Monday 4/23
Clue:  This state is known as the "Cockpit of the Revolution" for all the battles there, including a pivotal one in December 1776

Answer:  Where is New Jersey?

Tuesday 4/24
Clue:  In 1977 Juanita Kreps, the first woman on the board of the NYSE, became the first woman to head this cabinet dept.

Answer:  What is Commerce ?

Wednesday 4/25
Category:  WEBSITES
Clue:  It launched its first offer on October 22, 2008:  a two-for-one pizza deal in Chicago

Answer:  What is Groupon.com  ?

Thursday 4/26
Category: International Road Vehicle Stickers
Clue:  It's the constitutional kingdom of more than 6 million whose road vehicle sticker is seen here:

Answer:  Where is Jordan ? (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

Friday 4/27
Clue:  In Greek myth he became the prey when he was killed by Scorpius; now they're both in the sky

Answer:  Who was Orion ?

Monday 4/16
Category:  2011 MEMOIRS
Clue:  He titled his 2011 memoir: "Harold: The Boy Who Became Mark Twain"

Answer:  Who is Hal Holbrook  ?

Tuesday 4/17
Category:  MUSEUMS
Clue:  For 2010 & 2011, it's gotten more visitors than any other single museum in the U.S.

Answer:  What is the National Air and Space Museum ?

Wednesday 4/18
Category: 1920s NOVELS
Clue:  This title guy says, "Do you believe in my innocence, in the fiendishness of my accusers? Reassure me with a Hallelujah!"

Answer:  What is Elmer Gantry  ?

Thursday 4/19
Clue:  The Jets beat the heavily favored Colts in Super Bowl III?

Answer:  Who was Lyndon Baines Johnson ? (January 12, 1969; Nixon was inaugurated on Jan 20th)

Friday 4/20
Clue: 1 of the 4 small U.N. nations that use the Euro as their official currency even though they are not in the European Union

Answer:  Where are Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and Montenegro?  this is some bullshit, because vatican city is a small nation that uses the euro; and there are several other nations that use the euro unofficially, including monetenegro; and montenegro is certainly not "small" like the other three.  

shenanigans on this one.

Monday 4/9
Clue:  His widow, Maria Elena & actor Gary Busey were on hand when his star was dedicated outside Capitol Records in 2011

Answer:  Who was Buddy Holly  ?

Tuesday 4/10
Category:  AWARDS & PRIZES
Clue:  Designed by Norwegian Gustav Vigeland, it depicts 3 naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders

Answer:  What is the Nobel Peace Prize  ?

Wednesday 4/11
Category:  ART STYLES
Clue:  Printmaker Richard Hamilton is credited with coining the name of this style, calling it "designed for a mass audience"

Answer:  What is 'Pop Art' ?

Thursday 4/12
Clue:  The only 2 plays whose titles repeat a word, excluding articles & prepositions, are "Measure For Measure" & this

Answer:  What is "Alls Well that Ends Well"  ?

Friday 4/13
Clue:  An exploited part of a law, originally it meant an opening in a castle wall used to look at or shoot at an enemy

Answer:  What is a loophole  ?

Monday 4/2
Clue:  This Robert DeNiro film is know in Italian as "Il Cacciatore"

Answer:  What is The Deer Hunter?  this is this, this is not something else

Tuesday 4/3
Clue:  In 2005 a sculpture of an african elephant was installed outside this country's embassy in Washington DC

Answer:  Where is The Ivory Coast?

Wednesday 4/4
Clue:  A. cavaticus, the scientific name of the barn spider, inspired the middle initial & last name of a character in this book

Answer:   What is Charlotte's Web ?

Thursday 4/5
Clue:  The OED traces these 2 parallel terms to an October 30, 2000 "Today" Show discussion of an electoral map

Answer:  What are 'red state' and 'blue state' ?

Friday 4/6
Clue:  Names of the pair seen here, who've been spending a lot of time together

Answer:  Who are Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel ?  their brajelina name is acceptable--merkozy

Monday 4/30


Answer:  Wh  ?

March 2012 Final Jeopardy! Challenge  

Posted by howard in nyc

Monday 3/26
Category: ISLANDS
Clue:  At 22 square miles, it's the world's smallest island with a population exceeding 1 million, a figure it reached by 1880

Answer:  Where is Manhattan, New York, NY?

Tuesday 3/27
Category: 20th CENTURY NOVELS
Clue:  "Books leapt and danced like roasted birds, their wings ablaze with red and yellow feathers" is a line from this novel

Answer:  What is Fahrenheit 451?

Wednesday 3/28
Clue:  Though often associates with Machiavelli, this phrase "exitus acta probat" first appears in a work by Ovid

Answer:  What is 'the ends justify the means'?

Thursday 3/29
Clue:  On March 17, 2011, a probe called Messenger became the first spacecraft to orbit this planet

Answer:  Where is Mercury?

Friday 3/30
Clue:  More VPs have been from this state than any other, including 2 20th Century VPs who were its governor

Answer:  Where is New York?  (theodore roosevelt and nelson rockefeller.  they didn't say elected VP)

Monday 3/19
Clue:  On visiting RKO in 1939, he described the studio as the biggest electric train set any boy ever had

Answer:  Who was Orson Welles?

Tuesday 3/20
Clue:  This site was active from 1892 to 1954; it's busiest day was April 17, 1907 when 11,717 were processed

Answer:  Where is Ellis Island?

Wednesday 3/21
Clue: At his death in January 2010, he was called "the Garbo of letters, famous for not wanting to be famous"

Answer:  Who was Jerome David Salinger? (The Catcher in the Rye)

Thursday 3/22
Clue:  Its nickname is said to come from a line in an 1899 speech that followed "frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me"

Answer:  Where is Missouri?  (The 'Show Me' State)

Friday 3/23
Category: TOYS & GAMES
Clue:  In 1953 the maker of this board game was flooded with letters with ideas for timing devices, turntables & bags to hold game pieces

Answer:  What is Scrabble?

Monday 3/12
Clue:  These people who ruled large parts of Spain before Celtic and Roman dominance left their name on the land

Answer:  Who are the Iberians?

Tuesday 3/13
Clue:  After dying, she's described as having "too much of water", & her brother says, "therefore, I forbid my tears"

Answer:  Who is Ophelia?

Wednesday 3/14
Category: 20th CENTURY NAMES
Clue:  Chapters in his autobiography include "Outcaste", "First Day in Pretoria" & "Fasting as Pennance"

Answer:  Who was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi?

Thursday 3/15
Clue:  This 1928 novel was partly based on the author's wife Frieda & her affair with Angelo Ravagli

Answer:  What is Lady Chatterly's Lover?

Friday 3/16
Category: '70s BLOCKBUSTERS
Clue:  A direction in this film:  "Start with the tone…up a full tone.  Down a major third. Now drop an octave.  Up a perfect fifth."

Answer:  What is Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Thursday 3/1
Clue:In 1711 Newton led the Royal Society in London & his greatest rival led the Academy of Sciences in this capital city

Answer:  Where is Berlin ? (his name was Gottfried Leibnitz.  you mean you don't watch The Big Bang Theory?)

Friday 3/2
Clue:  The first time we meet this man in a 1981 novel, he's in his cell holding "Le Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine"

Answer:  Who is Dr. Hannibal Lecter?

Monday 3/5
Clue:  Starting in the 300s B.C., Hellenistic civilization was spread from this land, where a new country was declared in 1991

Answer:  Where is Macedonia?

Tuesday 3/6
Clue:  A fellow author called him "a very unique cat…a French Canadian Hinayana Buddhist beat Catholic savant"

Answer:  Who was Jack Kerouac?

Wednesday 3/7
Clue:  The name of a Kansas City-based consumer product company, it's also a term goldsmiths use to denote quality

Answer:  What is Hallmark?

Thursday 3/8
Clue:  These 2 back-to-back Tony winners for Best Musical (1987 & 1988) were both set in Paris

Answer:  What are Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera?

Friday 3/9
Clue:  An entertainer born in 1888 whose original first name was Adolph was one of the best-known players of this instrument

Answer:  Who was Harpo Marx?

everything that is wrong with the world of wall street in one chart:  

Posted by howard in nyc


adapted from a nice column from Mish:  


what is the job of a CEO of a publicly held company? most books that i have read say 'to maximize shareholder value'. here is the chart of the weekly stock price for a large publicly held company, over the year 2011:

rough year. ex dividends, shareholder value was nearly cut in half. (to be fair, the dividend has held steady at 1.2%. about what you can get risk-free from a 5-year treasury bond.) the board of directors must've been out for blood. if the ceo wasn't dumped, surely he would be on notice. and he could forget about that big bonus, right?

the ceo did have his base salary more than triple, from $600,000 to $2 million, 2010 to 2011. but his bonus was cut. 2010--$12.6 million. his penalty for chopping shareholder value in half in 2011? a bonus of only $7 million.

2010--company performance is basically flat, ceo is paid $13.2 million. 2011--company loses half its value, ceo is paid $9 million.

it gets worse.

this is by far the most well connected, most dominant company in its industry. it is hard to imagine a firm with a more advantageous structure and position to make a profit. yet, if you were a pension fund or mutual fund that invested in this company's stock at the beginning of last year, you lost nearly half your money.

but the ceo doesn't have to worry about being responsive to the shareholders. he gets paid anyway. after all, he is doing god's work.

i'm sure lloyd blankfein earned every penny of that $9 million.  in fact, he was heard to mutter, "now i know how the greeks feel!"


the disconnect between the interests of the top executives of firms from the interests of the shareholders is the single biggest problem in the long-term structure of american capitalism. tightly coupled with that is the focus upon short-term 90 day goals and horizons.

both of these deep, horrific departures from the way business has been done in the usa for decades until recently is ultimately the fault of the shareholders--for allowing the lack of accountability to grow worse, in return for the prospect of chasing near term stock price growth.

ultimately, i blame not the leaders but the voters. in politics, and in finance. if i was lloyd blankfein, and the board of directors/shareholders aren't gonna say shit, i'd pay myself a bundle for failure too. (well, i wouldn't; but i can't blame him for being human.)

February 2012 Final Jeopardy! Challenge  

Posted by howard in nyc

Category:  U.S. MEMORIALS
Clue:  "No day shall erase you from the memory of time" from Virgil's "Aeneid" is inscribed on a wall at this memorial

Answer:  What is the 9-11 memorial in New York?  bullshit question.

Tuesday 2/28
Category: THE 1960s
Clue:  On nominating this man in 1967, LBJ said "(I)t is the right thing to do, the right time to do it, the right man & the right place"

Answer:  Who was Thurgood Marshall ? first African-American Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Wednesday 2/29
Clue:  The Catholic & Eastern Churches separated in 1054, when the Pope & Pariarch did this to each other; it was undone in 1965

Answer:  What is excommunicated ?

Clue:  This French painter wrote, "I am good for nothing except painting and gardening"

Answer:  Who was Claude Monet ?

Tuesday 2/21
Clue: In 1893 the British established the Durand line, now the boundary, much in the news since 2001, between these two countries

Answer:  Where are Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Wednesday 2/22
Clue:  In Chapter 1 of the Acts of the Apostles, Matthias is chosen to replace him

Answer:  Who is Judas Iscariot ?

Thursday 2/23
Category:  SINGERS
Clue:  On the eve of Earth Day, 2011, he became the first performer inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame

Answer:  Who was John Denver ?  what a dumb-ass clue.

Friday 2/24
Clue:  Quoting a famous line of his, a 2011 biography of this man was titled "And So It Goes"

Answer:  Who was Kurt Vonnegut Jr ?

Clue:  In 2011 Elizabeth II marked the 400th anniversary of this, assembled by 47 translators in Oxford, London & Cambridge

Answer:  What was the King James Bible ?

Tuesday 2/14
Clue:  The 14 countries that border China run alphabetically from this to Vietnam

Answer:  Where is Afghanistan ?

Wednesday 2/15
Category: U.S. STATES
Clue:  This third-smallest state in area is home to the USA's third-oldest college

Answer:  What is Connecticut ?

Thursday 2/16
Clue:  The name of this assassin is Latin for heavy, dull, insensitive, oafish

Answer:  Et Tu Brute ?

Friday 2/17
Clue:  The only title character in her creator's 6 major novels, she was portrayed in a 1996 film & a 2009 miniseries

Answer:  Who is Emma (Woodhouse) ?  first name is sufficient, according to alex

Clue:  A 1763 letter said that these 2 men were equipped with "instruments…to look at the posts in the line for ten or twelve miles"

Answer:  Who were Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon ?

Tuesday 2/7
Clue:  Nicolas Paulescu isolated a substance he called 'pancrein', now known as this

Answer:  What is insulin ?

Wednesday 2/8
Category:  COMIC BOOKS
Clue:  An inspiration for this character introduced in 1929 was 15-year-old Palle Huld's 44-day voyage around the world

Answer:  Who is Tintin ?  What is 'the fuck is that'?

Thursday 2/9
Clue:  The name of this title heroine of an 1847 poem is from the Greek for "good news

Answer:  Who is Evangeline?  that's almost Anabel Lee, right? half-credit?

Friday 2/10
Clue:  When Byzantine Emperor Justinian completed Hagia Sophia, he declared, this king, "I have surpassed thee"

Answer:  Who was Solomon ?

Wednesday 2/1
Clue:  From the Arabic for "storehouse", in 1731 it was first used to refer to a monthly storehouse of information

Answer:  What is 'magazine' ?

Category: 19th CENTURY AUTHORS
Clue:  One of this author's greatest successes came after remarking, "i want to write about a fellow who was two fellows"

Answer:  Who was Robert Louis Stevenson ?

Friday 2/3
Clue:  A biosphere reserve,, this southern national park is the largest in the lower 48 completely within one state

Answer:  What is Everglades National Park ?

I just want to understand this, sir. Every time a corpse is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate the survivors?  

Posted by howard in nyc

So, it is utterly despicable to piss on dead bodies in war.

how about despicable to be there in the first place.  despicable to kill these strangers, with no rhyme or reason as to what we are fighting for. 

the wars, the borrowing and spending, the suppression of legal speech and protest, the lies and constant bullshit in which our nation chooses to wallow astonishes me more every single day.

i just can't take it seriously any longer.  so i won't.

no more reasoned responses to the unreasonable from me.  disdain, ridicule, snark, satire, sarcasm, insult and invective.  that is all the current discourse in this country is worthy. 

maybe the occasional Big Lebowski quote.

gonna sit back and enjoy the show.  george carlin described americans as having a front row seat at the insane carnival that is our world.  and described himself as a note taker. that's what i do to.  watch, laugh, jot down the unfuckingbelievable thing i just saw or heard. 

there is an old bedouin saying:  a few dogs bark. and the caravan moves on.

January 2012 Final Jeopardy! Challenge  

Posted by howard in nyc

Monday 1/30
Category:  1960S TV CHARACTERS
Clue:  One of her first spoken lines is translated as "you have the face of a wise and fearless Caliph"

Answer:  Who is 'Jeannie' ?

Tuesday 1/31
Category:  1870s PEOPLE
Clue:  Preserved in the West Point library, his last message reads, "Benteen.  Come on.  Big Village. Be Quick. Bring Packs.

Answer:  Who was George Armstrong Custer ? those packs wouldn't have helped unless they were shoulder-launched rockets.

Monday 1/23
Clue:  This volunteer group was born in May 1898 near the bar in San Antonio's Menger Hotel; it existed for just 133 days

Answer:  Who were the Rough Riders ?

Tuesday 1/24
Category:  ISLANDS
Clue:  The Carabelli & Durazzo families are considered the Hatfields & McCoys of this island

Answer:  Where is Corsica ?

Wednesday 1/25
Clue:  In 2002, his No. 10 jersey from the 1970 World Cup finals sold at auction for a record $220,850

Answer:  Who is Edson Arantes do Naciemento ?  give us a break, alex. everyone knows PelĂ©

Thursday 1/26
Clue:  This term for sudden severe head pain that typically lasts only a few minutes was trademarked by 7-Eleven in 1994

Answer:  What is 'brain freeze' ?

Friday 1/27
Clue:  After living in Honduras, O. Henry coined this term for a small country dependent on a single export

Answer:  What is a 'banana republic' ?

Monday 1/16
Clue:  Since 1066, the longest the monarch had the same name was 116 years with this given name

Answer:  What is 'George' ?

Tuesday 1/17
Category:  U.S. POPULATION
Clue:  Between 2000 and 2010 these 2 states that border each other led the nation in highest percentage of population increase, 35% and 25%

Answer:  Where are Nevada and Arizona ?

Wednesday 1/18
Category:  FATHERS & SONS
Clue:  The island where this man's son washed ashore was later named Ikaria

Answer:  Who was Daedalus ? flew too high.

Thursday 1/19
Clue:  When asked for a home address in "The Blues Brothers", Elwood gives 1060 Addison St., the home of this facility

Answer:  What is Wiggly Field ?

Friday 1/20
Clue:  This title character of an 18th century novel was the son of a man named Kreutznaer, but his name gets anglicized

Answer:  Who is Robinson Crusoe ?

Monday 1/9
Clue:  An early scene in this 2011 film is set in Tonsberg, Norway in the year 965 A.D.

Answer:  What is Thor ?

Tuesday 1/10
Clue:  Born in 1672 & named for a saint, in 1703 he founded a city whose name represents both of them

Answer:  Who was Peter the Great ? (of russia; St. Petersburg is the city, but we used to call it Leningrad)

Wednesday 1/11
Clue:  Keith Downey developed rapeseed into this cooking product, now a huge cash crop for farmers in Saskatchewan

Answer:  What is canola oil ?  (CANola CANada)

Thursday 1/12
Clue:  1 of the 2 American women authors nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938

Answer:  Who was Margaret Mitchell or Pearl Buck ?

Friday 1/13
Clue:  The traditional Inaugural Lunch for this President and V.P. featured boiled stuffed lobster & prime ribs of beef au jus

Answer:  Who were Kennedy and Johnson ?

Monday 1/2
Category:  '70s OSCARS
Clue: This film whose title refers to an establishment holds the record for most wins, 8, without winning best picture

Answer:  What is Cabaret ?  i thought surely it was Network.

Tuesday 1/3
Category:  ASTRONOMY
Clue:  In July 2011 it completed its first orbit around the sun since its discovery in 1846

Answer:  What is Neptune ?

Wednesday 1/4
Category:  1930s NOVELS
Clue:  An audio version by this anti-war novel by a once blacklisted authro has introductions from
Cindy Sheehan and Ron Kovic

Answer:  What is Johnny Got his Gun ? (by Dalton Trumbull)  at least i knew erich maria remarque, a german national, was not blacklisted by american authorities.

Thursday 1/5
Clue:  Surname of the employer of James W. Marshall, who found gold in a stream near the Sacramento River in 1848

Answer:  Who was Sutter ?

Friday 1/6
Clue: The Hebrew word for this Biblical unit of measurement is Ammah, aptly meaning "elbow" or "forearm"

Answer:  as bill cosby once queried, What's a cubit ?

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