"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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Why So Syria?  

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The confused foreign policy of this administration would be comical, were so much not at stake.  The USA's top diplomat makes a careless offhand remark, at the end of a press conference rife with multiple errors spoken by our Secretary of State (detailed here).

Kerry says, a war can be avoided if Assad gives up his chemical weapons by the end of the week.  Assad says, OK, fine.  Hummanma hummanma wait, I didn't really mean it.

Jeebus, where to start?

Well, we've seen two dictators in the same region agree to give up their chemical weapons under US and international pressure.  Saadam, and Kaadafy.  How'd that work out?  They got their asses regime changed anyway.  I'd put my money on three for three.

While we're at it, are we gonna ask Israel to give up their chemical weapons too?  Are we gonna give up ours?

While I am confident the USA has an arsenal of poison gas which our leaders have no intention of relinquishing, I really don't care about that.  Because it is a matter of physical fact that napalm, Agent Orange, depleted uranium and white phosphorus are chemical weapons.  And a matter of historic fact is that the USA has used these chemicals to kill people.  Recently too; not way back in the ancient history of Vietnam.  All these were used in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Yet our leaders, with straight faces, profess to punish someone else for using chemical weapons to kill.  The punishment?  We are gonna Kill Syrians to show Syria that Killing Syrians is wrong.

I can't decide which is worse, that millions of Americans agree, or that millions of Americans would agree were this a GOP president doing the same thing, or that millions of Americans cannot be bothered to pay attention.  I'll go with 'C', just barely.

The fake morality of the whole spectacle is just the worst.  The fairy tale that we are so Morally Outraged by the murderous Assad regime that the policemen of the world must murder, and/or change regime.  Even a child can see this warmongering of the past two decades, continuing through this day and hour, has nothing to do with morality.

There are the many many instances of truly outrageous mass murder which passes unpunished.  There are many, many people and groups that benefit greatly from warfare in particular places, usually where there happens to be oil and gas.  Moral outrage is a convenient excuse, nothing more.

This war is probably gonna happen, regardless of Obama's stumbling and Kerry's bumbling.  Regardless of all the lies, contradictions and misstatements shoveled in our general direction over the past three weeks.  Regardless of the blatant illogic of doubling down on our financial support of the same muslim extremists who are our sworn enemy of the past twenty years (the first World Trade Center bombing), by being their Air Force.   

Too many people want this war.  They don't give a fuck about morality, popular opinion, or anything other than power, money, and getting what they want.  A much larger number of too many people don't care enough to stand up and stop them.  It might be delayed a few weeks or months; maybe we'll get lucky again.

World War III, Delayed For Now  

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The absolute madness of pouring gasoline and Tomahawk missiles onto the flames of the proxy civil warfare in Syria has been put on hold.  The price, further loss of credibility in the honor and logic of the foreign policies of both our nation and our current puppet in a nice suit, a huge bargain.  I don't even mind the Obama apologists, sycophants and fan bois praising his restraint, morality or strategic/political insight; you go on! Yeah, genius! I won't even bring up the self-contradictory empty rhetoric of the past weeks or the abundant evidence of Obama's feckless incompetence hidden behind generally good, sometimes exceptional public relations.  Oops, I just did; just ignore that lapse in manners as most of reality is ignored these days.

I'll take a few days/weeks/even months of delay in adding overt American military involvement in a battlefield already crowded with Hezballah brigades, Iranian advisers, Al Qaada gangs, Russian weapons and occasional Israeli air strikes.  Our contributions to date of weapons, cash, CIA operatives and various special forces troops are plenty, for the time being.

But now, we are going to be required, as good little sheep, to follow the deliberations and political machinations of our wise representatives in Congress to decide this huge moral issue, regarding entry into yet another war.

Nope.  Not me.  Not the Kid.  No fucking way will I watch a minute of this latest charade for our entertainment and mental enslavement.

 I literally could not possibly care less how the US Senate and the so-called House of Representatives votes on this matter.  Because what they do has zero connection to any objective reality, regarding war, peace or democracy in our country.

The 535 voting members of the US Congress have been for a number of years, and continue to be, completely bought and paid for.  With a few exceptions, numbering maybe in the low double digits, they do not represent the people of their districts and states.

They represent, and they do the bidding of the people that pay them.  They do as they are told by the very small number of parties that provide the financing of their campaigns.  Those same small number of parties lobby those voting members, which is a polite way of saying 'tell them how to vote and what to do'.

This applies for the momentous decision whether to start WW3 this month, or set it aside for the future.

We will be treated to the farcical concept that the will of the American people will be expressed by this Congressional vote.  An old joke that stopped being funny around the time the Patriot Act was passed.  That was annoying each time the Patriot Act was renewed.  That became downright offensive when the TARP bailout of Wall Street, initially rejected by Representatives who were actually representing, was pushed through via bribes, promises, and reminders of who was really in charge of this country.  The unfunny joke is merely a fairy tale that millions still believe.  That the will and desire of the actual people of this country matters a wit, in matters of war and wealth.

American involvement in war in Syria will be decided by the bankers, by the MIC, by the oil and gas conglomerates, by the rest of the big business community, by AIPAC/Israel, by the usual suspects.  Congress will not make the decision.  Congress will be told how to vote, or their vote will be negated.  All it takes is a new 'terrorist attack', or a sinking of an American warship, or closure of a key canal/strait through which oil flows, or even Obama deciding, 'fuck Congress; Ima gunna attack anyways' and making up some bullshit cover story based on 'intelligence' (now that term never ceases to crack me up, so there is that).

The vote up or down in Congress is already determined.  Or it isn't.  It doesn't matter how they vote.  Because if they vote 'yes' and those in control want 'no', it will be NO.  Or vice-versa; if Congress says 'no', they'll just fake an attack on Americans or change some other variable, and it will be on like Major Kong.  What Congress does over the next two weeks makes zero difference; I will not be pretending otherwise.

If what the Congress decided actually counted, they'd make it illegal.

Giants Tix, August 2013  

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Sorry updates have been tardy.  Just give me a call or email if you want my seats.

Same story as prior years.  I will put the tickets up one month at a time, since my travel plans are usually last minute, and I like to use the seats when i am visiting Cali. so around the last week of each month I will post available dates for the following month.

Tickets can be transferred electronically, instantly and securely, via the giants' web site. you can pay me with Paypal, (even though i hate those fuckers i don't have an alternative set up) or if we have done business before, just send me a check.

The giants use differential pricing, so I will list the literal face value for each date. Face value varies between $37 and $80. Price is always negotiable, up as well as down.

Here are the dates for August. 

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Enough is Enough  

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The funny thing about the proverbial last straw of hay that breaks the camel's back.  Knowing when and which is difficult to impossible, even when one knows not much more can be added to the load, without disaster as a result.

I'm talking 'bout me, not the economy.  Specifically, me and the nine wise old white people in black robes (yeah, I said it, Clarence; I grant you honorary whiteness, which I hope will please you and satisfy your long-standing desires.  Sonia, sorry, I don't mean to be rude to you; I was just making a cheap Justice Thomas joke; you still brown.)  I've had enough of the Supreme Court of the United States.

I easily could've reached this point after Bush v. Gore 2000 (instead I yielded to the obvious logic that 5 is greater than 4, hence dubya won the election).  The blow to private property rights that was Kelo v. City of New London 2005 could have easily been my last straw, being such a big fan of government protection of private property rights.  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 2010 was the relative breaking point for many other progressive-minded citizens, although for far too many folks this served as a bullshit rationale to vote to re-elect the Nobel winning war monger.  We need slightly less horrible Supreme Court justices, so in two or three decades we can get some small return of some of our constitutionally guaranteed rights!  Not even the hilarity of a free market GOP appointed chief justice casting the deciding vote upholding Obamacare, National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius 2012 (they didn't even give it a cool, easily remembered name).

No, I continued to pay attention to the joke that the Supreme Court has become.  I continued to behave as if what these esteemed nine people thought and ruled was based on some logic or rationality, other than keep the power flowing to the clowns in the center, keep the wealth flowing from the many to the few.

Until now.  Shelby County v. Holder 2013.  That will be enough, thank you.  You kind folks repealed two aspects of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, despite their continued effectiveness all these decades, despite their recent renewals by votes in Congress.  While you folks are fine and dandy with increasing Federal power over so many other areas of our lives, you gut federal power where it is utilized, successfully (easily demonstrable to anyone who can count), to let people vote.

Yeah, I'm through with y'all.  I should've been long ago, as the rule of law is a joke at so many other levels of the system.  When Jon Corzine is two years later charged with a civil violation for his theft of $1 billion, but a physician who's secretary writes down the wrong four-digit diagnostic code, accidentally overcharging Medicare $12 is threatened with a criminal fraud charge and fucking prison, I persisted in actually reading, paying attention to, and actually caring about Supreme Court decisions.  No más.  You nine are just another bunch of clowns in the show; as relevant to reality or history as was the Tawney court that rendered Dred Scott v. Sandford 1857, which was in turn rendered null and void a brief four years later.  Or the abject joke that was Plessy v. Ferguson 1896--calling something equal somehow didn't magically make them equal--imagine that!

You folks go into that same dustbin, reserved for honored jurists who served entrenched elite interests, until rolled over by history and reality.  Not 'will be' tossed into that dustbin; I'm putting you there right now.  Cause I's hads enoughs; and enoughs is too muchs!

Stop, Look and Listen  

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People just don't listen.  This simple fact I have had a difficult time accepting, hence I need to be slapped in the face over and over before the fact sinks in.

Yesterday was the most recent slap.  I met a dude in the locker room at the gym (get your minds out of the gutter--anyway, it's consenting adults, dammit!) We engaged in a friendly, amicable politial argument about the direction of the nation, and our objections to the president's five-year reign.

As anyone who knows me or reads this mess of a blog is well aware, I think Barry has been a terrible president.  So did this fellow.  However, his stated reasons for disliking Obama (socializing the whole country, giving away too much to the poor) were very different than mine (ruinous monetary and fiscal policy that favors banks and wall street at the expense of the rest of us, a health care fiasco that enriches pharma and insurance companies at the expense of the rest of us, expanding senseless war and growing security state).

He seemed bemused by our different opinions, and commented (twice) on the beauty of the free exchange of vastly different opinions.  He closed our conversation (or attempted to do so) by saying, "It is good that we disagree; I think Obama is a bad president, while you think he is a great president."

I was momentarily speechless.  I had described my opinion of Obama as a terrible president, as clearly and as vigorously as I typically do; I had clearly stated that what struck me about our argument was our agreement on the conclusion, but our very different reasons for reaching our shared conclusion.  There was no language barrier.

Only a listening barrier.  At some point in our conversation, I have to presume, my new friend had decided 1) this dude disagrees with me; 2) no reason to listen any further to his actual words.

He looked as if he was listening; he responded with the non-verbal and verbal cues typical of someone engaged in a conversational back-and-forth that typically includes listening to one's counterparty.

But had he actually heard and even minimally processed even a fraction of my (voluminous) diatribe, concluding my opinion was that Obama is a great president would've been impossible.

But, a few minutes later, it sunk in just a bit deeper; People just do not listen.

Smart, intelligent, thinking people.  They routinely suspend processing what they see, what they hear, what they read, even what they know to be true.  They do not look, they do not listen, they do not think, because it is so much easier and so much more emotionally satisfying.

Because Amerians have been conditioned to do so, to suspend listening and other higher cognitive processes, in favor of feelings and emotions. Conditioned by literal millions of television ads, entreaties from authority figures their entire lives in school, at work, in encounters with burearcracies and commercial entities engaged in selling and 'customer service'.

Americans are out of practice, this listening and thinking thing.  Just as surely as we are out of practice for this exercise thing.  This eating healthy food thing.

We were taught when crossing a street, we must Stop, Look and Listen.  Somewhere back there, we also were taught to watch, listen and learn.  Think, too.  But, as I get slapped over and over, I need to learn (and accept), there ain't a whole lot of listening going on around here.

I continue to judge the world (and Obama) based on what I see, not what I feel, believe or emote.  Yeah, kinda lonely, this method.  Kinda concerting, too.  Cause I see a lot of bad, weird stuff.  Buildings falling down.  NSA monitoring millions of Americans making billions of phone calls.  Scandals involving the IRS, listening to and intimidating reporters, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, bankers in the cabinet, Holder committing serial perjury.  More and more media emphasis on Justin, Amanda, Paris Jackson, PEDs in baseball and other trivial bullshit.

Things are slowly, yet inexorably falling apart.  I see it; I hear the important sounds they make.  Yeah, it is frustrating because nearly everyone else don't look, don't listen, or don't think enough to be bothered.  I'm getting used to it.  

Giants Tix, June and July 2013  

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Sorry updates have been tardy.  Just give me a call or email if you want my seats.

Same story as prior years.  I will put the tickets up one month at a time, since my travel plans are usually last minute, and I like to use the seats when i am visiting Cali. so around the last week of each month I will post available dates for the following month.

Tickets can be transferred electronically, instantly and securely, via the giants' web site. you can pay me with Paypal, (even though i hate those fuckers i don't have an alternative set up) or if we have done business before, just send me a check.

The giants use differential pricing, so I will list the literal face value for each date. Face value varies between $37 and $80. Price is always negotiable, up as well as down.

Here are the dates for the rest of June and July.  I'll try to keep the site updated better.

shoot me an email anytime, or comment on the blog.

Tue, 6/18Padres7:15p  $37 SOLD

Thu, 6/20Marlins7:15p  $48
Fri, 6/21Marlins7:15p   $48 SOLD

Fri, 7/5Dodgers7:15p   $80
Fri, 7/19D-backs7:15p $48
Mon, 7/22Reds7:15p  $48
Tue, 7/23Reds7:15p  $58 SOLD 
Wed, 7/24Reds7:15p  $58SOLD
Fri, 7/26Cubs7:15p   $58

Giants Tix, April 2013  

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Ah, baseball returns.  Defending Champs, how sweet those words.  As surreal as last October was, it still has not fully sunk in for me.

Same story as prior years.  I will put the tickets up one month at a time, since my travel plans are usually last minute, and I like to use the seats when i am visiting Cali. so around the last week of each month I will post available dates for the following month.

Tickets can be transferred electronically, instantly and securely, via the giants' web site. you can pay me with Paypal, (even though i hate those fuckers i don't have an alternative set up) or if we have done business before, just send me a check.

The giants use differential pricing, so I will list the literal face value for each date. Face value varies between $37 and $80. Price is always negotiable, up as well as down.

Here are the April dates.  I'll try to keep the site updated.

shoot me an email anytime, or comment on the blog.

Mon, 4/8 Rockies 7:15p Sold
Tue, 4/9 Rockies 7:15p  Sold
Wed, 4/10 Rockies 12:45p Sold

Fri, 4/19Padres7:15p Sold

Sun, 4/21


1:05p Sold
Mon, 4/22 D-backs 7:15p Sold
Tue, 4/23 D-backs 7:15p Sold
Wed, 4/24 D-backs 12:45p Sold

Tue, 5/7 Phillies 7:15p Sold
Wed, 5/8 Phillies 12:45p Sold
Thu, 5/9 Braves 7:15p Sold
Fri, 5/10 Braves 7:15p Sold
Sat, 5/11 Braves 1:05p

"What's the Difference"?  

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There is a documentary film on the origins of the Iraq war, produced by and recently broadcast on MSNBC, called Hubris.  Dubya was asked why he was so certain when he asserted there were so many WMDs in the hands of Sadaam?  His response:  "What's the difference"?  It didn't matter that the proximate cause of the was was a lie; only that it 'might be true' or that it could happen in the future, Dubya went on to explain for us simpletons.  The village had to be destroyed to save it from future destruction.

Speaking of village metaphors, recently Hillary testified before congress, when confronted by administration lies in the wake of the Benghazi disaster, "(w)hat's the difference"?  When good Americans were gunned down as a result of mistakes, or incompetency, or merely as a result of a messy civil war/global war on terror, the fact that high government officials blatantly lied and covered up the facts doesn't matter--we got re-elected.

What's the fucking difference?  We got what we wanted (a big-ass war/a second term).

The past few years have been characterized by the complete disconnect of the ruling class of the USA from any and all accountability to the people they allegedly serve.  So complete, that the façade need not be consistently maintained.  That's hard work, pretending that such things as the rule of law and actually promoting the interests of the little people are still vital to democracy and freedom.  Damn hard work.  So, when you need a break, just exclaim a little bit of truth--What's the difference?

The complete severance of any and all accountability to the will of the masses is one of the major themes of my ranting, and I maintain one of the central themes of the past several years.  I point to a specific pair of events as but one illustration of this fact.

In 2007, a major immigration reform bill, hashed out by true bipartisan cooperation guided by Dubya was progressing to a vote.  There was something for both wings of the corporate one-party system--more cheap labor for the economic machinery (that was even then making funny noises), more brown people to be co-opted for votes.  Win-win for democrats and republicans.

However, because this bill provided 'amnesty' for illegal immigrants, a large segment of the masses, the little people, objected.  And they made their objections known; they called, wrote, and emailed their senators and representatives en masse.  Sure, email made such citizen activism much less inconvenient than actually picking up a telephone or finding a stamp.  But the little people made their wishes heard in such numbers that the bill with broad bipartisan support suddenly was in peril.

Lots of senators and representatives who had planned to vote 'yes' changed their minds.  And the bill was killed before a formal vote could be held.  The people spoke, and the politicians listened.  Pretty damn weird, but you can look it up.  This really happened.

A mere months later, during a horrific financial crisis (judging by what they showed us on the teevee), the wise and powerful leaders of our nation decided that our way of life would come to an end unless the banking system was given an $800,000,000,000.00 handout.  The famous TARP bill was hastily written, and moved to the congress for a vote.

Plenty of Americans saw this bailout for the bullshit that it was.  And they were moved, in huge numbers, to express their opinion to their representatives in congress.  And, again, a damn weird thing happened.  The TARP bill was defeated on the floor of the house.  Similar to the immigration bill a year earlier, the voice of the people stopped a steamroller powered by the political leaders.

Now, the Rest of the Story.  Since what was at stake was not merely the free flow of cheap labor and cheap votes, but actual cold hard cash (and a lot of it), the true constituents of the political leaders stepped in.  Arms were twisted, promises were made, threats were made too, and the $800 billion giveaway returned to the house floor.  Despite hundreds of thousands more phone calls, letters and emails flowed forth from the little people, the pleas were ignored.  The bill passed, the money given away, the politicians reminded that we no longer bother with listening to what the people want.   You just do what we want--and snap to it!

The power of big money--corporations, the most powerful industries (finance, pharmaceutical, oil and other energy, military industrial complex, et al) has long competed with the power of large numbers of citizens/voters.  The relative power has ebbed and flowed over our history.  But the ratio now has a big zero factor in the middle of the equation.  The power and influence of the people has dwindled to zero.  This happened gradually; i do not mean to imply that it happened all of a sudden when TARP passed.  That was just a symptom of the zero condition, where we remain stuck.  The condition that allows the most powerful leaders to sincerely and accurately proclaim, What's the Difference?

There are many reasons that led to this sorry condition. Ultimately the responsibility lies with the people of the USA who allowed this to occur, and allow this to continue; by their apathy, ignorance and assent, overt and implied.

(Sorry, bubba, they, not we.  I am certainly guilty of apathy, ignorance and overt assent to the system at periodic times of my life.  I don't claim 100% innocence.  But none of those descriptive labels characterize me overall through my lifetime, and certainly not at all over the past five years.  Shit, I've marched with the Tea Party and with Occupy Wall Street.  I even wrote polite and respectable emails and letters to Senator Hillary and Representative Nancy, as well as to others.   Desperate times, and all.)

The past five years have shown the relentless continuation of the destruction of our labor market and our domestic manufacturing capacity, of broadening warfare across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, diminution of the civil rights of privacy, protest and keeping/bearing arms,  even of life itself if you are deemed an enemy of the state, of funneling of the wealth away from the shrinking productive/working class toward the wealthy entities, with some crumbs tossed downward to keep the growing underclass passive and quiet.  The entirety of the policies of the Federal Reserve and the rest of government economic interventions, acting in concert to inflate the currency, manipulate the asset markets and steadfastly fuel the enrichment of a very few financial firms and other entities.  I have droned on about the specifics over the years.  I could drone further on the sequester, the restoration of the payroll tax rate, the horror that is the financial morass of Medicare/Medicaid and all the rest of the medical-industrial complex, and the coming austerity being imposed by the president and his minions upon our sheepish nation.

But, What's the Difference?  When Dubya spoke this phrase, I am quite sure roughly 45% of the tiny fraction of the nation that noticed at all nodded in agreement, while roughly 45% disdainfully sneered.  When Hillary uttered the same three words, same result.  Almost no one pays any attention.  Of the few who do, nearly all of them respond in pre-programmed Red vs Blue terms ('oh, I know my side are no angels, but THE OTHER GUYS ARE SO MUCH WORSE, I have to support my side, there is no alternative).

What's the Difference when few are aware, few care, and the rest will vote red or blue regardless?  Why the hell should the politicians heed the will of the people when it costs them nothing to ignore it? 

What's the Difference indeed.

he's an honest, caring, peace loving nigga, like me!  

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