"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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Why So Syria?  

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The confused foreign policy of this administration would be comical, were so much not at stake.  The USA's top diplomat makes a careless offhand remark, at the end of a press conference rife with multiple errors spoken by our Secretary of State (detailed here).

Kerry says, a war can be avoided if Assad gives up his chemical weapons by the end of the week.  Assad says, OK, fine.  Hummanma hummanma wait, I didn't really mean it.

Jeebus, where to start?

Well, we've seen two dictators in the same region agree to give up their chemical weapons under US and international pressure.  Saadam, and Kaadafy.  How'd that work out?  They got their asses regime changed anyway.  I'd put my money on three for three.

While we're at it, are we gonna ask Israel to give up their chemical weapons too?  Are we gonna give up ours?

While I am confident the USA has an arsenal of poison gas which our leaders have no intention of relinquishing, I really don't care about that.  Because it is a matter of physical fact that napalm, Agent Orange, depleted uranium and white phosphorus are chemical weapons.  And a matter of historic fact is that the USA has used these chemicals to kill people.  Recently too; not way back in the ancient history of Vietnam.  All these were used in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Yet our leaders, with straight faces, profess to punish someone else for using chemical weapons to kill.  The punishment?  We are gonna Kill Syrians to show Syria that Killing Syrians is wrong.

I can't decide which is worse, that millions of Americans agree, or that millions of Americans would agree were this a GOP president doing the same thing, or that millions of Americans cannot be bothered to pay attention.  I'll go with 'C', just barely.

The fake morality of the whole spectacle is just the worst.  The fairy tale that we are so Morally Outraged by the murderous Assad regime that the policemen of the world must murder, and/or change regime.  Even a child can see this warmongering of the past two decades, continuing through this day and hour, has nothing to do with morality.

There are the many many instances of truly outrageous mass murder which passes unpunished.  There are many, many people and groups that benefit greatly from warfare in particular places, usually where there happens to be oil and gas.  Moral outrage is a convenient excuse, nothing more.

This war is probably gonna happen, regardless of Obama's stumbling and Kerry's bumbling.  Regardless of all the lies, contradictions and misstatements shoveled in our general direction over the past three weeks.  Regardless of the blatant illogic of doubling down on our financial support of the same muslim extremists who are our sworn enemy of the past twenty years (the first World Trade Center bombing), by being their Air Force.   

Too many people want this war.  They don't give a fuck about morality, popular opinion, or anything other than power, money, and getting what they want.  A much larger number of too many people don't care enough to stand up and stop them.  It might be delayed a few weeks or months; maybe we'll get lucky again.


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