"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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World War III, Delayed For Now  

Posted by howard in nyc


The absolute madness of pouring gasoline and Tomahawk missiles onto the flames of the proxy civil warfare in Syria has been put on hold.  The price, further loss of credibility in the honor and logic of the foreign policies of both our nation and our current puppet in a nice suit, a huge bargain.  I don't even mind the Obama apologists, sycophants and fan bois praising his restraint, morality or strategic/political insight; you go on! Yeah, genius! I won't even bring up the self-contradictory empty rhetoric of the past weeks or the abundant evidence of Obama's feckless incompetence hidden behind generally good, sometimes exceptional public relations.  Oops, I just did; just ignore that lapse in manners as most of reality is ignored these days.

I'll take a few days/weeks/even months of delay in adding overt American military involvement in a battlefield already crowded with Hezballah brigades, Iranian advisers, Al Qaada gangs, Russian weapons and occasional Israeli air strikes.  Our contributions to date of weapons, cash, CIA operatives and various special forces troops are plenty, for the time being.

But now, we are going to be required, as good little sheep, to follow the deliberations and political machinations of our wise representatives in Congress to decide this huge moral issue, regarding entry into yet another war.

Nope.  Not me.  Not the Kid.  No fucking way will I watch a minute of this latest charade for our entertainment and mental enslavement.

 I literally could not possibly care less how the US Senate and the so-called House of Representatives votes on this matter.  Because what they do has zero connection to any objective reality, regarding war, peace or democracy in our country.

The 535 voting members of the US Congress have been for a number of years, and continue to be, completely bought and paid for.  With a few exceptions, numbering maybe in the low double digits, they do not represent the people of their districts and states.

They represent, and they do the bidding of the people that pay them.  They do as they are told by the very small number of parties that provide the financing of their campaigns.  Those same small number of parties lobby those voting members, which is a polite way of saying 'tell them how to vote and what to do'.

This applies for the momentous decision whether to start WW3 this month, or set it aside for the future.

We will be treated to the farcical concept that the will of the American people will be expressed by this Congressional vote.  An old joke that stopped being funny around the time the Patriot Act was passed.  That was annoying each time the Patriot Act was renewed.  That became downright offensive when the TARP bailout of Wall Street, initially rejected by Representatives who were actually representing, was pushed through via bribes, promises, and reminders of who was really in charge of this country.  The unfunny joke is merely a fairy tale that millions still believe.  That the will and desire of the actual people of this country matters a wit, in matters of war and wealth.

American involvement in war in Syria will be decided by the bankers, by the MIC, by the oil and gas conglomerates, by the rest of the big business community, by AIPAC/Israel, by the usual suspects.  Congress will not make the decision.  Congress will be told how to vote, or their vote will be negated.  All it takes is a new 'terrorist attack', or a sinking of an American warship, or closure of a key canal/strait through which oil flows, or even Obama deciding, 'fuck Congress; Ima gunna attack anyways' and making up some bullshit cover story based on 'intelligence' (now that term never ceases to crack me up, so there is that).

The vote up or down in Congress is already determined.  Or it isn't.  It doesn't matter how they vote.  Because if they vote 'yes' and those in control want 'no', it will be NO.  Or vice-versa; if Congress says 'no', they'll just fake an attack on Americans or change some other variable, and it will be on like Major Kong.  What Congress does over the next two weeks makes zero difference; I will not be pretending otherwise.

If what the Congress decided actually counted, they'd make it illegal.


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