"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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Giants Tix April 2017  

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Same story as prior years.  I will put the tickets up one month at a time, since my travel plans are usually last minute, and I like to use the seats when I am visiting Cali. so around the last week of each month I will post available dates for the following month.

Tickets can be transferred electronically, instantly and securely, via the giants' web site. you can pay me with Paypal, (even though i hate those fuckers i don't have an alternative set up) or if we have done business before, just send me a check.

The Giants use differential pricing, so I will list the literal face value for each date. Face value is typically $81 for weekend and day games,  but occasionally $100 or $63.  Weekday night games are usually $63 or $39. I'll cite the face value, but the price is always negotiable, up as well as down.

Shoot me an email anytime, or comment on the blog.

Thu, 3/30 Athletics 7:15p $39  sold stubhub
Fri, 3/31 Athletics 7:15p $39 Exhibition game
Mon, 4/10 D-backs 1:35p $175
Tue, 4/11 D-backs 7:15p $63
Wed, 4/12 D-backs 7:15p $39
Thu, 4/13 Rockies 7:15p $39
Fri, 4/14 Rockies 7:15p $63
Sat, 4/15 Rockies 1:05p $81  sold, Talbott
Sun, 4/16 Rockies 1:05p $63
Mon, 4/24 Dodgers 7:15p $63
Tue, 4/25 Dodgers 7:15p $63
Wed, 4/26 Dodgers 7:15p $81
Thu, 4/27 Dodgers 12:45p $81
Fri, 4/28 Padres 7:15p $63
Sat, 4/29 Padres 6:05p $81
Sun, 4/30 Padres 1:05p $81

I'm Still Standing  

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Gonna fire this baby up again.  Main reason for the hiatus was illness, but this very strange neurologic syndrome is finally abating.

My Giants Tickets info for 2017 will be posted within a few days.  Commentary on the sorry state of the nation and the world will resume as soon as I can find the words.  May be a while.

Might switch to tumblr platform, cuz this one has some problems.

Giants Tix September 2015  

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Despite all the injuries, they still got a shot.  I'm holding back the Dodgers series because I may make it out for those, but if not I'll put them up for sale in the middle of the month.  Stubhub prices are pretty elevated, but you get them at face value directly from me.

Update:  I am not going to be able to travel the end of this month, so I've posted the last ten games on StubHub as well as here.  If you're interested, let me know quick.

9/11/15 F 7:15 PM Padres All Sold.  Wait'll Next Year
9/12/15 Sa 6:05 PM Padres
9/13/15 Su 1:05 PM Padres

9/14/15 M 7:15 PM Reds
9/15/15 Tu 7:15 PM Reds
9/16/15 W 7:15 PM Reds

9/18/15 F 7:15 PM D-backs
9/19/15 Sa 1:05 PM D-backs
9/20/15 Su 1:05 PM D-backs

9/28/15 M 7:15 PM Dodgers
9/29/15 Tu 7:15 PM Dodgers
9/30/15 W 7:15 PM Dodgers
10/1/15 Th 12:45 PM Dodgers

10/2/15 F 7:15 PM Rockies
10/3/15 Sa 12:05 PM Rockies
10/4/15 Su 12:05 PM Rockies

Giants Tix August 2015  

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Here are the August dates.  I'm gonna hold the last two series (Cubs and Cards) because I might be able to sneak out west that week.

Tourist season jacks up the prevailing prices on Stubhub - but you can get them at face value directly from me.

8/11/15 Tu 7:15 PM Astros Sold stubhub $87
8/12/15 W 12:45 PM Astros Sold Ben

8/13/15 Th 7:15 PM  Nationals Sold stubhub $95
8/14/15 F 7:15 PM Nationals Sold stubhub $85
8/15/15 Sa 7:05 PM Nationals Sold Susan
8/16/15 Su 1:05 PM Nationals Sold stubhub $130

8/25/15 Tu 7:15 PM Cubs
Sold stubhub $70
8/26/15 W 7:15 PM Cubs Sold stubhub $74
8/27/15 Th 12:45 PM Cubs Sold Marv

8/28/15 F 7:15 PM Cardinals ~$70
8/29/15 Sa 1:05 PM Cardinals Sold Marv
8/30/15 Su 1:05 PM Cardinals ~$70

Giants Tix July 2015  

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Here are the July dates.  I'll try to keep the site updated.

Shoot me an email anytime, or comment on the blog.

7/6/15 M7:15 PM
MetsSold Thad
7/7/15 Tu7:15 PM
MetsSold Thad
7/8/15 W 12:45 PM
MetsSold Thad

7/10/15 F7:15 PM
PhilliesSold Stubhub
7/11/15 Sa7:05 PM
PhilliesSold Stubhub
7/12/15 Su1:05 PM
PhilliesSold Stubhub

7/24/15 F7:15 PM
7/25/15 Sa1:05 PM
7/26/15 Su1:05 PM
AthleticsSold Tina

7/27/15 M7:15 PM
7/28/15 Tu7:15 PM
7/29/15 W12:45 PM
BrewersSold Marv

Giants Tix June 2015  

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Here are the June dates.  I'll try to keep the site updated.

Shoot me an email anytime, or comment on the blog.

6/1/15 M 7:15 PM Pirates Sold Stubhub
6/2/15 Tu 7:15 PM Pirates Sold Stubhub

6/12/15 F 7:15 PM D-backs Sold Stubhub

6/15/15 M 7:15 PM Mariners Sold Jimbo
6/16/15 Tu 12:45 PM Mariners Sold Stubhub

6/23/15 Tu 7:15 PM Padres Sold Stubhub
6/24/15 W 7:15 PM Padres Sold Stubhub
6/25/15 Th 12:45 PM Padres Sold Stubhub

6/27/15 Sa 1:05 PM Rockies $70
6/28/15 Su 1:05 PM Rockies $91

Been A Long Cold Lonely Winter  

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Glad it is springtime, and that baseball is back.  I've been away from the blog due to some personal setbacks and a difficult illness (nothing life-threatening, but sucks nonetheless.)  Plus, the disconnect between how I see the world, the way our nation is going, and the fictions that most people embrace, as offered by our media and our alleged leaders has worn me down.  I am tired of hearing/writing my own opinions and ideas, and don't feel much like bothering.

Reality will eventually reassert itself.  Part of me wants it to hurry, part of me fears that day.

But things are bad.  War, racism, economic manipulation and oppression, poisoned air, food, water and medications.  I still watch and read, particularly events in the Ukraine, but I have less and less to say.

So, sports.  On to Baseball season, and Giants Tickets.  In the post below.