"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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don't be a sucker  

Posted by howard in nyc

i am not a qualified investment adviser. i would never offer anyone investment advice. anyone who took anything i say or write as investment advice is making a big mistake. what i say and write is just my dumb opinion, nothing more.

that said, friends who have known over the years, please, please, don't place or leave any of your money in a stock market riddled with fraud, deceit, accounting bullshit, and all the rest.

when the fraud is uncovered (when, not if), the market will fall to where it logically belongs, based on the crap fundamental facts of our now crap economy. high unemployment, drowning in public and private debt, housing market that is no where near finished falling.

this is inevitable. just a matter of timing.

the time is nigh. please sell your stocks. i predict the market will reach new lows before 12/31/09. less than 666 on the s+p 500; less than 6469 for the dow.

the only logical action when the markets are completely dishonest and being supported by faith, hope, and government bullshit, is in cash.

don't forget what happened last year. last september and october. don't you wish you had been in cash then, safely out of the stock market?

that is going to happen again.

oh, if i am wrong? you still have your cash. if i am right, you lose what you have 'invested' in the market.


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