"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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Posted by howard in nyc

as usual, i have bought sf giants season tickets. as usual, i will be attending very few games, since i live in new york city. so i will be selling them here, or on stub hub. i much prefer here, since i save the 15% commission.

same deal as prior years. email me at h.reynolds@earthlink.net or call me at 212.369.3000. we can use the sf giants ticket relay. you can pay me with paypal, or if we are friends or have done business before, you just mail me a check. preferably from a bank that is still in business. any questions, shoot me a line or give me a call anytime.

lower box section 110, row 29। two seats. the price is negotiable. a little more for dodger games, a bit less for wednesday night vs the pads.

dates available for September (and October):

Monday September 7 7:15PM San Diego Padres Sold
Tuesday September 8 7:15PM San Diego Padres Sold
Wednesday September 9 12:45PM San Diego Padres Sold

Friday September 11 7:15PM Los Angeles Dodgers
Saturday September 12 6:05PM Los Angeles Dodgers
Suday September 13 1:05PM Los Angeles Dodgers Sold

Monday September 14 7:15PM Colorado
Rockies Sold
Tuesday September 15 7:15PM Colorado
Rockies Sold
Wednesday September 16 7:15PM Colorado
Rockies Sold

Thursday September 24 7:15PM Chicago Cubs
Friday September 25 7:15PM Chicago Cubs
Saturday September 26 1:10PM Chicago Cubs
Saturday Afternoon--Note Game Time Change!
Sunday September 27 1:05PM Chicago Cubs Sold

Tuesday September 29 7:15 Arizona D'backs
Wednesday September 30 7:15 Arizona D'backs
Thursday October 1 12:45 Arizona D'backs


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