"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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July Giants Tickets  

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6/27/2011  14:58
 (i sure wish i could figure out how to get this thing to date and time stamp the posts)

I am not going to make it out there in July.  I will post available seats for the Dodger and Brewers series very soon.  Happy All-Star Break!

Tue  Jul 05  7:15PM PDT -  Padres at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD
Wed  Jul 06  7:15PM PDT - Padres at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD
Thu  Jul 07   7:15PM PDT - Padres at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD

as usual, i will not know my travel plans very far in advance, so around the last week of each month i will post available dates for the following month.  prices are variable, i will post the face value later on when i feel like it.

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greece crisis resolved!!!  

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6/19/2011 13:14

 last spring, anyone with a brain and ten minutes to read up on the subject could clearly see that greece's debts will never be repaid in full.  but the politicians and bankers lied and pretended, at the cost of billions of euros put into the pockets of said bankers.

a year later, rinse, repeat.  except fewer people are believing the increasingly transparent lies.  i don't even bother to listen to/read the bs.  i'll wait until enough people in the usa open their eyes and brains and start taking action and taking to the streets, like the people of greece.  and spain.  and china.

so much is going wrong in the world.  radioactive tea shipped from japan shows up in france.  the uncontrolled meltdown at fukushima continues, and finally the 'cover it with concrete' solution is finally mentioned in public (when your decision-making process is outpaced by the soviet govt a generation ago, you ain't doing it right).  and a nuclear plant in the usa has been flooded, damaged, and is at least a potential problem (gee, you'd think this would've been on tv).

despite obama's assurances, war continues in libya; currently a stalemated civil war, and we took one side, apparently because an election is coming up and it looked like an easy win.  revolutionary and freedom movements in syria and yemen sprout up, to be put down with horrific violence, with the hand of the usa in effect in one of those places (so far). 

and the true state of the us economy becomes apparent to at least a few more people who have managed to stay employed during this slow-motion collapse.  every single piece of economic data is bad or worse.  even the stock market has fallen significantly since early may.  while unemployment is rampant, the housing market is falling (not even flat), and food/energy prices have substantially increased.

i readily admit, i was wrong by failing to forecast that the powers that be would be able to stave off an economic collapse as long as they have.  that is ok.  because i was absolutely right that bailouts, quantitative easing, fiscal stimulus, housing credits, shovel-ready half-assed job programs would all ultimately fail to overcome the causes of the credit crash of 2007-2008.  not only fail, but these measures would have unforeseen negative effects.  like war and revolution in the middle east and north africa.  like rising food and oil prices, simultaneous with falling wages and home values at home.  weak dollar and skyrocketing gold/silver prices.

the blogs i regularly read have hammered these themes repeatedly over the past three years.  this week, the views of these diverse commentators have converged more tightly than usual, making the true state of affairs crystal clear.  while the country thinks about the character of lebron james.  and anthony wiener.  and the merits of the 'debt ceiling'--a complete and total political farce.

but reality will slam the bullshit upside the head, sooner or later.  maybe real sooner.  the stock market has fallen 100 s+p points since early may; the stock prices of goldman, bofa and the other big banks leading the way; interbank credit in europe is starting to tighten as interest rates on all sovereign debt of the PIGS and other peripheral nations zooms.

feels like 2008 all over again.

are we collapsed yet?  

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6/11/2011 15:33
You said it, mang.  We are all having fun, zip!
i have been too disheartened to post much, or think about the short-term future of the united states economy, and everything else.  i see little to be heartened about.  unemployment; housing prices continuing down, down; sharply increasing gas, oil and food prices; 100% disconnect of the political system from the needs of the people; global war and revolution spreading, due to our sending armies and to our feeding speculation in the food commodity markets; environmental disasters looming (yes, me, of all people, the anti-tree hugger, the one determined that if oil is running dry, let me drive at 110 mph until the day comes--ionizing radiation in massive deadly amounts has that effect on a boy).

a world of hurt.  but so many people i encounter are oblivious.  either they are misinformed by the media and their own lack of curiosity, or they are trapped by their human tendency to counter bad news and bad facts with denial and delusion.  i know people who are intelligent and well informed, who sincerely believe obama has done a good job of managing the economy, and his failures are due primarily to his objectives being blocked by 41 republican senators. or folks in the other tribe who sincerely believe obama is trying to institute a socialist program, that the phoney health care reform was actually socialized medicine, and will hurt doctors tremendously.  (what other industry would think a government subsidy and government coercion herding 40 million new customers to your door would hurt your income?  only doctors' logic.)

people can't/won't/don't think.  trapped in their habits, delusions, comfort zones, what have you, they so very often emote rather than think.  and are confused that the two are the same.

a lifetime of having emotional buttons pressed to shape buying decisions, by literal hundreds of thousands of television commercials over the 18 years of a childhood, having those same emotions tickled by teachers, bosses, and politicians, then by the sources of news, who specialize in triggering emotive responses to attract and hold on to viewers.  

people even use the words 'believe' and 'feel' in place of think, conclude or decide.

i have decided to no longer do this.  i will only say 'i believe' when i am referring to a moral, ethical, or religious (well, maybe not religious) belief.  not, 'i believe obama has been a horrific president'.  or 'i believe the stock market is going to suffer a sharp correction this summer, maybe even this week'.

use of 'believe' is technically appropriate in such instances.  but it has been way overused, and the meaning has seriously shifted.  as people get more defensive if you challenge their 'belief' than your opinion, assessment, conclusion or what you think.

jihad declared on my use of the words 'believe' and 'feel' when i mean think.  save believe for 'i believe white people are evil', or 'i feel hatred for the dodgers'.  

but when asked, 'how do you feel'? i reserve the right to answer, 'with my hands'.

June Giants Tix  

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6/8/2011  13:30
 (i sure wish i could figure out how to get this thing to date and time stamp the posts)

I was hoping to get out to cali in june.  no such luck.  so here are my june tickets available for sale.

Thu Jun 09  7:15PM PDT - Reds at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD
Fri Jun 10    7:15PM PDT - Reds at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD

 Sun Jun 12  5:05PM PDT - Reds at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD

 Wed Jun 22   7:15PM PDT - Twins at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD

 Thu Jun 23   12:45PM PDT - Twins at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD

 Fri Jun 24   7:15PM PDT - Indians at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD
 Sat Jun 25   1:10PM PDT - Indians at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD
 Sun Jun 26  5:05PM PDT - Indians at Giants 2 seats-----SOLD

as usual, i will not know my travel plans very far in advance, so around the last week of each month i will post available dates for the following month.  prices are variable, i will post the face value later on when i feel like it.

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June Jeopardy  

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Monday 6/27
Category:  GAMES
Clue:  In 2007 Robstown, near Corpus Christi, was recognized as the birthplace of this game, now played online too

Answer:  What is "Texas Hold 'Em" ?

Tuesday 6/28
Clue:  The last time the U. of Michigan retired a football number was in 1994, in honor of this center who graduated in 1935

Answer:  Who was Gerald Rudolf Ford ?

Wednesday 6/29
Clue:  It was saved from destruction by a poem submitted to the Boston Daily Advertiser in September 1830

Answer:  What is the USS Constitution, aka 'Old Ironsides' ?

Thursday 6/30
Clue:  50 cent pieces issued in 2003 by this country depict Frodo, Gandalf, Gollum, Sauron & Aragorn

Answer:  Where is New Zealand ?

Monday 6/20
Clue:  This last name of the speech therapist in the 2010 Oscar Winner for Best Picture is also a suffix meaning "speech"

Answer:  Who is 'Logue' ?

Tuesday 6/21
Category: DOGS
Clue:  This alliterative dog breed bears the former name of an African country

Answer:  What is the Rhodesian Ridgeback ?

Wednesday 6/22
Clue:  His "remarks about The Confederacy …made Atlanta look at him first in bewilderment, then coolly, and then with hot rage"

Answer:  Who is Rhett Butler ?

Thursday 6/23
Clue:  The mirror motif in this 1871 sequel includes 2 characters who are enantiomorphs, or mirror image twins

Answer:  What is "Through the Looking Glass" ?

Friday 6/24
Clue:  Built about 50 years ago, it's the only world capital to start with the letter "I"

Answer:  Where is Islamabad ?

Monday 6/13
Clue:   The car company that sponsored the radio show for which his father worked inspired the middle name of this filmmaker

Answer:  Who is Francis Ford Coppolla?

Tuesday 6/14
Clue:  "L'Unifoli√©" is one of the names popularly given to the new flag unveiled in 1965 by this country

Answer:  Where is Canada?
(not algeria, dummy)

Wednesday 6/15
Clue:   A judge's directed verdict of guilty for her action in Rochester in 1872 was written before her trial began

Answer:  Who was Susan B. Anthony?

Thursday 6/16
Category:  20th CENTURY NOVELS
Clue: Penned by a British author, it became a No. 1 Bestseller in the U.S. in 1959, 31 years after it was initially banned?

Answer:  What is "Lady Chatterley's Lover" ?

Friday 6/17
Clue:  In December 1967 Louis Washkansky, a patient in this country, claimed, "I am a new Frankenstein"

Answer:  Where is South Africa?

Monday 6/6
Clue:  At its premiere in NYC in 1924, this composition was part of a concert billed as "An Experiment in Modern Music"

Answer:  What is "Rhapsody in Blue"?

Tuesday 6/7
Clue:  In the beginning, this novel was simply titled "Forks"

Answer:  What is "Twilight"?

Wednesday 6/8
Category:  THE MOVIES
Clue:  Lt. Col. A.P. Clark played a key role in the elaborate breakout from Stalag Luft III that inspired this 1963 movie

Answer:  What is "The Great Escape" ?

Thursday 6/9
Clue:  From 1792 to 1886 this person, not the speaker of the house, followed the Vice President in the line of succession

Answer:  Who is the President Pro-Tem of the Senate?

Friday 6/10
Category:  FRANCE
Clue:  With about 340,000 people today, it's the most populous French city that came under Italian occupation in World War II

Answer:  Where is Nice?

Wednesday June 1
Category: The railroads

Clue: The railroad founded in 1859 by a Kansas state charter reached this state capital on February 16, 1880.

Answer: Where is Santa Fe, New Mexico?

Thursday 6/2
Category:  The Tony Awards
Clue:  There has never been a Tony Award winner for best musical set on either of these 2 continents 

Answer:  Where are Australia and Antarctica? 

Friday 6/3
Category:  World History
Clue:  Traditionally said to be founded in 421, this city was later built up on islands in a lagoon by refugees from invading Lombards 

Answer:  Where is Venice, Italy?