"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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The Latest Madman Who Must Be Stopped  

Posted by howard in nyc


The screech of US Government propaganda against Russia and Putin rings ever more loudly in my ears and in the lapdog mass media.  The degree of blatant lies, garbage and just made up bullshit is astonishing even compared to recent history (Syria, Libya and Afghanistan, much less Sadaam's fake-ass WMD.)

I've tried my best to hold my tongue during this Ukrania coup (clearly engineered and financed by the USG) and subsequent civil war.  Particularly after the shooting down of the Malasian Air jet, killing nearly 300 people.  But the nature, quantity and loudness of the lies from Obama, Kerry and the rest of the Ministry of Truth machinery is an incredible sight, even after a long life of suffering government lies.

The coordinated magazine covers of the newest Hitler, demonized in images on Time, Newsweek and The Economist, quaint in light of the fact that people don't actually read magazines anymore, set me over the edge.  Ten days after the apparent shootdown, not an iota of evidence has been offered to support the accusation that Putin, Russia or the Russsian-oriented rebels in East Ukraine/Novorussyia are guilty of the act.  Nothing, from the leader of spying and surveillance, with all those spy satellites, signals intelligence listening posts, internet monitoring, much less the actual flight data recorders and control tower communication tapes.

Nothing.  Not a goddamned crumb of evidence.  And you can be damn sure if such evidence existed, Joe Biden would be waving it in his hand at a press conference.

Instead, a constant rain of accusation.  Russia is firing missiles into the war zone (while it has been factually confirmed that Ukraine Army missiles have landed in Russia and killed people.)  Russia is providing heavy armor and weaponry (while the USA has advisers on the ground and the billions of US aid and IMF loans are being used to pay the Uke Army).  Now, that Russia has violated a treaty by testing cruise missiles, or some such.  Practically every day, a new charge, before any actual evidence to substantiate the prior screeches.

I can't and won't itemize here.  Plenty of folks more qualified and more devoted than me do so daily (start with http://vineyardsaker.blogspot.com/ ) But as a general rule, whatever is being said on CNN or by Kerry and Obama has turned out to be the 180˚opposite of reality.  That makes it easy to follow from a distance.

The media insists the Uke army is winning--in actuality they are getting destroyed by the undermanned, under equipped rebel force (who get most of their armor and heavy artillery the old fashioned way, captured from their enemy.)  The Russians are accused of wanton indiscriminate missile lanches--the Uke army is actually doing this, inflicting mass civilian casualties and terror.  The Ruskies shot down the airplane--yet the unpalatable likelihood that the Ukes intentionally murdered those 300 people, with an air-to-air missile from a fighter jet if not from their own SAM battery, or at the very least steered the civilian jet into a war zone for who knows what purpose.

If you hear it on the news, the opposite is the most likely true.

These fucking people, overthowing yet another government they don't like, for the goal of containing Putin/fucking with Putin/getting revenge for how Putin clowned them in Syria.  And of course, massive natural gas and oil considerations--reserves, pipelines, etc.  No major war or war mongering does not have a huge energy component.  They have no idea, apparently because they never cracked a history book, how a small miscalculation, a small overreaction on either side, a unforeseen event in the context that they have created, can lead to a massive, cataclysmic, world war of annihilation.  Much less that their intentional war, meant to be brief and limited, can spiral out of their hands.

Then again, maybe they do know, and they just don't give a fuck.

I have a feeling this round of lies and propaganda is very different, than the recent and the more distant past.  I'm no fan of the psychopathic murderer Putin.  But he is the restrained party thus far, in both action and words.  Incredibly restrained considering how NATO and the USA are sowing death on his doorstep, overthrowing an elected government and installing a puppet (imagine the Soviets doing something like this in Mexico how the USG would've responded.)

And the propaganda is thus far highly effective.  I think a huge factor is fatigue--people who are generally informed and thinking (ie my circle of friends) are just exhausted by Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, on top of the domestic and economic circus that is life in 2014.  And, of course Israel/Gaza dominating the media.  So they are easy fodder to passively accept the message--'I'm really worried about the madman Putin trying to expand'.  I've heard this over and over.

The populace of the USA are already halfway ready to accept the 'necessity' of a major war with Russia.  I'm just beyond boggled and flummoxed.  Weird, dangerous, ominous times.


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