"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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Giants Tix September 2015  

Posted by howard in nyc


Despite all the injuries, they still got a shot.  I'm holding back the Dodgers series because I may make it out for those, but if not I'll put them up for sale in the middle of the month.  Stubhub prices are pretty elevated, but you get them at face value directly from me.

Update:  I am not going to be able to travel the end of this month, so I've posted the last ten games on StubHub as well as here.  If you're interested, let me know quick.

9/11/15 F 7:15 PM Padres All Sold.  Wait'll Next Year
9/12/15 Sa 6:05 PM Padres
9/13/15 Su 1:05 PM Padres

9/14/15 M 7:15 PM Reds
9/15/15 Tu 7:15 PM Reds
9/16/15 W 7:15 PM Reds

9/18/15 F 7:15 PM D-backs
9/19/15 Sa 1:05 PM D-backs
9/20/15 Su 1:05 PM D-backs

9/28/15 M 7:15 PM Dodgers
9/29/15 Tu 7:15 PM Dodgers
9/30/15 W 7:15 PM Dodgers
10/1/15 Th 12:45 PM Dodgers

10/2/15 F 7:15 PM Rockies
10/3/15 Sa 12:05 PM Rockies
10/4/15 Su 12:05 PM Rockies


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