"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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Assad Did Not Do This Poisoned Gas Attack Period  

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Within hours of this latest gassing of Syrian people, it was obviously very likely not the responsibility of Dr.  Assad.  Primarily because, the last time a gas attack was attributed to the Assad government forces, 2013, it was very quickly proved to be a false flag attempt by the rebel forces.  We nearly went to war over this.  Obama even said he backed off from launching an attack, because he was shown the proof. That long Atlantic magazine exit interview.

Shortly after the incident, as the fake corroboration (such as the transparently bogus White Helmets video rolled in, hey fellas, if you don't wear gloves and a real gas mask while taking care of sarin victims, you gonna die too) and the complete lack of evidence presented to support the bullshit claim, any thinking person (who doesn't watch cable news) knew this blaming Assad was 100% garbage.

And Thump attacked.

The single greatest lesson history teaches us is that people and governments learn nothing from history.  Sorry, can't find good attribution, but man is this true despite who said it.

What just irks me is we almost went to war over the exact same fake scenario just three years ago.  Much less the fake justification for the Iraq war.  This is madness. Again.  And so many critics of Thump in the media and in congress now praise him for his presidential decisiveness, killing 14 people with $90 million worth of ordinance.  In response to an obvious lie.  

Thump is, as someone online recently phrased it, a low-life, know-nothing, worthless braggart and con man.  Throw in cowardly and disloyal. His administration is a clusterfuck.  They announced on Monday that removal of Assad was no longer a goal.  Thursday he launched cruise missiles.  The fact that the Thump regime is a deadly joke is not a surprise.  The only surprise is the specific path to the clusterfuck endpoint has been and continues to be up for grabs.  

Delicious that Thursday morning Hillary said the US should destroy all of Assad's airbases.  Around 9 pm the very same day, Donny launches 59 cruise missiles.  It will be awhile before I'll be persuaded to vote for that kind of difference.  To be fair, had Hillary won, the attack on Syria probably would've happened months ago.

Just a matter of days ago, the hot topics were failure to repeal Obamacare, failure to even propose much less pass tax reform, RussiaPutinRussiaPutin! elected Thump, Susan Rice unmasked the spy data on the Thump campaign.  Now, all that is down the memory hole.  The exact path to moar war and abject failure of this latest American regime cannot be forecast.  But there is one trend regarding which I will hazard a guess.

Thump must be experiencing an ego rush from the fact that a ton of screeching voices in the media and from the halls of power that had been crushing him are now praising his military foolishness.  This is huge positive reinforcement to Donny's lizard brain.  Just from launching a completely illegal, immoral and illogical military attack, based on a fabricated incident.  Plus the silencing of the 'Thump is a puppet of Putin' nonsense, at least for the time being.  I gotta expect more of the same behavior from him.  

The exact course of the propaganda machine forwarding the needs and desires of the powers that be, whom insist on moar war, moar profits, moar surveillance and less freedom for the masses of us, again tough to forecast.  But when they get such milage from recycling old tricks, even such recent ones, that may be a clue.  

As usual, I am more interested in the reactions from Putin and Russia, as well as the other parties to this horrible and unnecessary war.  And I become overly fascinated  by some of the details, like exactly why did 36 of the 59 cruise missiles fail to reach their targets.   

There are so many smart people who report what is really going on, that will never be spoken on CNN, Fox or MSNBC.  I frequently post links to the sources I read regularly for actual news.  Yeah it takes a little effort, but thank goodness the internet is still available for people interested in seeking facts and ultimately, some truth.

This post has been light on details, because other people linked below say it much better than me.  Here are a few of my favorite sites.

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and here are some good recent articles on this current mess.  The last one is particularly long, but particularly useful and important.  Check it out.

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You never fail to enlighten.

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