"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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Just Another Day in America - Police  

Posted by howard in nyc


This caught my eye, not sure why, because the only unusual thing is that no one died.

Off-duty St. Louis officer injured by 'friendly fire' after police chase of stolen car

Let's count the things wrong here, shall we?

1.  Two cops grossly overreact to a black man approaching them, ordering him to the ground.

2.  After identifying man as a fellow cop, a third cop seeing a black man walking toward two white colleagues pulls his gun and opens fire.

3.  Cop doing the shooting misses; hits black fellow cop in the arm (thankfully) Cops are trained to shoot to kill, but not trained very well.  They usually miss.

4. Chief of Police blatantly lies about the event to reporter.

5.  As for the actual crime, car theft, the two people arrested were shot at as they fled.  For a stolen car.

6. Again, the cops missed, only one round hit one suspect in the ankle.

7.  The two arrested people are 17 years old, yet they are identified by name in the media.

8.  For the crime of stealing a car and fleeing police, each suspect is charged with 15 felonies.  !5 each.  Overcharge much?

9.  The worst thing wrong with this story:  just another fucking day in America.


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