"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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more october jeopardy  

Posted by howard in nyc

monday october 25--Who is John Philip Sousa?

monday october 18--What is the $0.05 coin, or the nickel? no mo $2 bills--too ghey

tuesday october 19--Who is Pope John Paul II?

wednesday october 20--Where is China?

thursday october 21--Who are Vincent Van Gogh (subject) and Paul Gauguin (artist)?

friday october 22--Who is Matt Damon? (and instead i was fucking the i-tallian stallion.)

monday october 11--what is the tower of london? (i know this much is true-- why would the kray brothers be in spandau prison in berlin?)

tuesday oct. 12--who are cordelia and the fool? shit, i've never read or seen lear. just know the evil sisters are an evil president and a std.

wednesday oct. 13--who is A. A. Milne? i almost guessed a. a. robin-pooh

thursday oct. 14--What are Luxembourg and Mexico?

friday oct. 15--who is william mckinley


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