"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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december jeopardy  

Posted by howard in nyc

first, end of november:

what is the toronto maple leafs? yes, i said is, singular.

now, december

Monday Dec. 27--Where s Gibraltar?

Tuesday Dec. 28--Who is Henry Kissinger?

Wednesday Dec. 29--What is Wicked?

Thursday Dec. 30--Who are Cher and Barbara Streisand

Friday Dec. 31--What are 'grass roots'? la la lalalala live for today

Monday Dec. 20--who is somerset maugham? (the moon and the sixpence)

Tuesday Dec. 21--what is evolution? it is only a theory, whereas the bible is the word of the lord.

Wednesday Dec. 22--what is vote?

Thursday Dec. 23--what is beisbol?

Friday Dec. 24--What is Mount Rushmore?

Monday Dec. 13: where are niger and nigeria?

Tuesday Dec. 14--where is north korea?

Wednesday Dec. 15--what is 'your majesty'?

Thursday Dec. 16--where is moscow? don't overthink it next time.

Friday Dec. 17--what is Take Me Out To The Ball Game?

Monday Dec. 6--what is raising the dead?

Tuesday Dec. 7--what are norway and sweden?

Wednesday Dec. 8--where is brasil?

Thursday Dec. 9--where is juneau. d'you know?

Friday Dec. 10--what is navi? "the language from the movie 'avatar' is not correct. you got to name the language.

Wednesday Dec. 1--who is albert camus?

Thursday Dec. 2--Who is Agatha Christie?

Friday Dec. 3--What are Agriculture and Labour? (not interior; not commerce)


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