"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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jeopardy january 2011  

Posted by howard in nyc

monday january 31--Who is Edie Falco? as Carmela Soprano and Nurse Jackie

monday january 24--Who is Abramam Lincoln? (when in doubt, go with the single most famous and notable american person of the 19th century)

tuesday january 25--Who is, oh, i don't know, maybe, SATAN!?!?!?

wednesday january 26--Where is Liberia? helps that my parents lived, met and got married there.

thursday january 27--it should be Barry Bonds, but since the man put him down, Who is Wayne Gretsky?

friday january 28--What is 'Fantasia'? not just a chick on american idol.

monday january 17--Who is Maxim Gorky?

tuesday january 18--Where are Ohio and Iowa?

wednesday january 19--What is the Leatherback turtle?

thursday january 20--Who is Nelson Mandela?

friday january 21--What is "Angels and Demons"?

monday january 10--What is the Caduceus?

this thing:

tuesday january 11--Who was Jackson Pollock?

wednesday january 12--What is 'software'?

thursday january 13--What is 'copyright' protection?

friday january 14--What is slaveholder, err, i mean Washington and Jefferson?

monday january 3--Who is Gordon Sumner, aka Sting?

tuesday january 4--Who is Grover Cleveland?

wednesday january 5--Where is India?

thursday january 6--What is Al Jazeera?

friday january 7--What is Venezuela?


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