"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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mass murder, congresswoman giffords shot  

Posted by howard in nyc

terrible. a mentally disturbed pothead snaps and commits this horrific act. and here is how folks are gonna react.

already the 'vitriolic political environment' is being blamed. regardless of the fact that the 'economic' environment is pretty piss-poor right now. as is the 'opportunity for young people's future environment'. and the 'lawlessness of the rich and powerful, particularly bankers environment' kinda sucks too. but those environments will not be blamed, just the political vitriol.

makes no sense.

further, exactly how much non-deadly violence have we seen leading up to this horrific event? what kind of pattern of political environment triggered violence does this fit? oh, none.

and prior assassinations and attempts, like those of presidents reagan and ford. those occurred in times of particularly vicious political environments, right?

complete fucking nonsense. and that is what the media will dish out, and the people will lap up.

the more ominous reactions are 1) elected officials, particularly congresscritters, will further hunker down in an 'us versus them' mentality, if that is possible; 2) they and the executive branch agencies will use this as an excuse to further clamp down on various liberties of speech (online and offline), assembly and maybe even gun ownership. the vitriolic political environment, you know. gotta tamp that down, before they fire it up again.

jeez. the political environment today is people watching their favorite partisan cable network, while idiots yell talking points at one another. and every couple of years, get to vote for tweedledee or tweedledum, from one or the other branch of the corporate/banking/pharma political party that is running the show.

use the horrible incident to continue the misdirection. use the incident to continue the control of the masses and degradation of freedom. yeah, i'm going out on a limb with these forecasts.


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