"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"

"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead"
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great documentary movie everyone should see  

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march 13, 2011
first, every thinking american should watch this feature-length documentary film, a wonderful description of our horrific economic plutocracy and the hoax of our puppet political leaders.

Lifting the Veil

this is how severe things are. a right-leaning, fiscal conservative, social and economic libertarian guy like me has more and more common ground with the far left. me and noam chomsky, hand in hand.

i'm incredibly frustrated by friends and acquaintances who are so invested in their political dogma of either flavor, red or blue, that they are unable to recognize or process the obvious truths of our situation. the true nature of obama's actions and policies. the true nature of the relentless direction of the nation and the economy: theft and concentration of the wealth by a tiny number of folks at the top; horrible deadly wars for oil, profit, and power for the sake of power; restriction of information and freedom as the security state grows in power and blatant oppression; and political leaders who have zero accountability to the people, 100% accountability to the power elite, via money and lobbyists.

people support obama from the blue side, completely ignoring the facts of his actions. people hate obama from the red side for completely wrong and bullshit reasons. and people allow themselves to be distracted by the wisconsin sideshow, with the delusion that a handful of public employees are an important proxy for the progressive cause, or suppression of those teachers and cops is a great victory for the free market. wisconsin is a meaningless distraction, supremely effective.

i am desperate for people to recognize what is important, and what is trivial. so many still see democrats and republicans as the division in this country, when it is the tiny number of power elite against all the rest of us.

the biggest tool is preserving the deception is the false calm of the last two years. the fake economic recovery, that channeled a relatively small amount to soothe appearances and preserve optimism while channeling many more trillions to the top. and the wars spread and increased in killing alleged enemies, with few squawking.

the calm can't last forever. and it may crack soon. but sadly, i expect the masses to continue to miss the truth, only to be distracted by new sideshows, new deceptions. leading up to the next election no more democratic than the elections staged by stalin, castro or hussein.

the choice between a greater or a lesser of two evils is not a choice. evil red, or evil blue. evil obama or evil (fill in the blank--because it truly makes no difference).

i think it is gonna crack soon. as i have said, before egypt and libya, oil was up to $85. of course no one will remember that. before japan's triple threat--earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, the macro picture was precarious (europe debt, falling dollar, dead housing market, and stalling job growth and stock market). but no one will remember that.

the recovery was always fake. even the fake will be finished in weeks or months. the bigger deceptions will continue, but resumption of the easily visible proof of economic collapse hopefully will focus minds.

the brilliant carlin gives a three-minute summary of the doc. this clip is included in the above linked film.

should be played in every schoolroom every morning, instead of the pledge of allegiance.

"It's a Big Club; and You Ain't In It!"


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